Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Mamdouh Bahgat



Nice work dodo

Keep going:)


working with the suruonding buildings…


Hahahaha… :thumbsup: very good Mohamed… you’re architecture is very impressive…

I recognize very well one of the parts of the house of the electricity of the World Fair of Paris in 1900 that I know very well (Exposition Universelle de Paris 1900) with a pleasant blend of kinds. It’s too much funny to find that here, in this challenge, very good choice (I used this inspiration too in a previous picture “Our Last Travels”).

I wish you the best for your challenge mate.




thx for the words…
yeah I used some images to an artist that I mintion him before in the begining of the thread…
I intend to change the concept alittel and hope to model more building to add them to the background of the main building (the castle) …
as u said Lemog I like the style of the paris building in the 1900 's … but I think I am colicting several kind and in the same time I stay with the medevil style…
any way hope to finsh this challange


Yes, for sure I see that… a real melting-pot of many architecture inspiration… that’s the originality of your project mate :thumbsup:


Hi dodo :slight_smile:
nice work on the modeling. waiting to see the concept (and why not a simple 3d sketch? It could be an idea if you really can’t draw :wink: )
Good luck :thumbsup:



first try with texturing still need moooore work I know


Remarkable attention to details , keepup the good work , waiting for more posts …


omg that’s beautiful. The buildings have a nice realistic quality. Haven’t seen any characters yet. I hope the rest is as great as your work clearly promises to be. Can’t wait to see what’s next. I’ll drop in from time to time. KEEP IT UP!


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