Spectacular 3D Entry: Mohamed Mamdouh Bahgat


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Cool Idea for the challange … it give us more space for imagination with no limits unlike the other challanges .
I am still thinking about the idea …I think I’ll do somthing old with some spectacular … somthing like an old bridge and I may add ships in war
ok still thinking :banghead:
HELP : I need a free site to upload my attachment ???


I am still waiting for some one to help me about the upload site ???

Ok I had started with an idea I am still not sure if it will be my final ,any way I am thinking about making an old bridge connected to a castle from medevil ages laying in middel of mountains to represint the evil spirit (or it might be somthing like the castle of drackola or an evil king with flaying spirits and dragons … etc)
still figuring out the image in my mind :banghead:
I had search for referance images … I find a great artist (Laurent Lemog) and I’ll start with this one.


The castle


The model looks nice. Are you going to show a concept?


No … I am not good with concept sketch …
that’s why I am treing to explan my idea in words.
I know that’s the rules for this challange that I have to give a concept sketch but it dosn’t matter any way cause I’ll never win :thumbsup:


What a great modeling dear mohamed your details are so good
and it will be nice idea
good luck to you


Don’t worry about drawing skills, many great 3D’ers are terrible at drawing. I suppose I’s like alot of photographers can’t paint. Simple diagrams showing layout count, even a collage of inspirations, colour swatches, etc.
Have a look at what other people are doing with their concept stuff, maybe you won’t be so shy then. :shrug:


@ART Design :
thx man … take care I’ll keep an eye on ur thread :thumbsup:

@mookid2005 :
yeah I think I’ll try to send some concept … but after I am sure of the idea
just modeling some buildings and detail it more and more …
thx for the encoregment.


still need more work I know


Hi dodo3d!
Good to see you here! For now architecture appears to be pretty well done:thumbsup:
I recognized some Minas Tirith-inspired, eh :slight_smile:
Can’t join challenge for the moment due to the lack of time, but gonna check updates continiously…
Good luck here!

P.S.: some concept of you idea?


yeah u r right this tower is minas tirith spirit … it’s a great referance for me in architcture of the midevil building
thx any way

I intend to continue with adding towers and detailing the main castle but still searching for a back ground and an envioerment for my scene :shrug:

and the composition will be hard I think …
still thiniking about add a drugon or some kind of a huge fantasy bird or some kind of creatures to give the spirit of evil …
ok time to modeling bye:)


I hear ya about the concept sketch, however you should submit something, even a paintover of your modeling might be ok

If you are still looking for an upload site I can recommend imageshack easy to use and supplies you with ready made links to paste into your thread

good luck


comments r welcome


Very very nice modeling mohamed your details are so good
keep working
and good luck


Don’t forget a concept sketch!! And don’t say you are horrible at drawing. I mean look at my drawings!? Hardly great talent there. Good luck!


nice start , waiting for more on this…



@ART Design , @Squibbit :
thx for the words

@Nichod :
:slight_smile: I’ll send a concept soon but as I said before the idea of what I intend to do with my image is still not completed in my mind.


Hey, nice models. I’d really love to see a concept too.


need more details…