Spectacular 3D Entry: Mindaugas Bračiulis


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Concept


hehehee good luck dude i hope you`ll finish this one :wip:


Hey! Nice to see you here! :slight_smile:


Hello x] Here’s my quick concept idea. In this pic i mixed SF and war design, like the 2nd world war.In this pic i want show allied special agent ho has infiltrated in secret germans base,where they making giant robot Called Proud of Berlin.


Hi Strik3r. Hah, fun concept, and a nice balanced composition. I would love to see that robot walk around ^^. Good luck!


hey cool idea! Im diggin it :slight_smile: Cant wait to see more.


Neat concept and implementation so far. Good luck with it!



A 007 concept. This one will be great. Mabye to add more intrest have him seting off explosives. Or him diving for his life from fire or bullets. Just to give it a bit of zing.


yeah, what ugnmoooo says soundds good. otherwise its cool :thumbsup: !


i don’t like militaristic subjects, but good luck anyway:] sėkmės


Aje! Sitas reikalas gali issivystyti i kazka tikrai rimto.
Keep it up! :wink:


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