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Here is my first concept , an F14 tomcat coming in for an emergency landing. I would need to add something in the foreground , maybe a flight deck guy running for cover or something.
Still trying to come up with other ideas, any comments appreciated.


hehe, nice concept. Took you a while to join in. Good luck:thumbsup:


Here is my first concept , an F14 tomcat coming in for an emergency landing. I would need to add something in the foreground , maybe a flight deck guy running for cover or something.
Still trying to come up with other ideas, any comments appreciated.

Great to see you Mike! Good luck! An emergency crew standing by would be good too. Maybe show why the plane is coming in for a crash landing…have a dogfight going on in the background.


• HELLO THERE! how have u been? Nice to have u in, I guess you were waiting until have your sketch right? :thumbsup: the concept is cool, may i suggest a mega big explotion in the background and chaos in the crew in foreground, maybe they have not seen the comming Tomcat and they would probably die if it crash BOOM! i can feel spectacularness allready! :scream:


hi mike . nice to see you in.

the concept is looking good . certainly has the sense of speed! are u going to add more elements?


Hey all ,
Thanks for the comments , I really don’t know if this is the concept I am after . I am trying to come up with another idea but I am drawing blanks. I am sort of waiting for a better idea to pop into my head.


concept is cool. waiting for the updates:thumbsup:


Here is a concept sketch showing the energy station for a vast area getting its energy from solar collectors in space. The energy station distributes the energy in a cascade like fashion. Emphasis will be on the terrain around the station as well. If I go with this concept I will do a better sketch, maybe color even.


Hey all,

I am trying to come up with a better idea , so I would like some input for some concept ideas .

Here are some of my ideas.

  1. The Wright brothers are flying their plane , a father and small child are watching . I will try to capture the childs amazement at this new invention.

  2. The Biblical Lot is fleeing sodom as it is being destroyed in the background , also I would show his wife as a salt statue. The idea of a spectacular fearful event that you can’t look at but want too should be seen in Lots face. Could also be Vesuvias erupting and the Pompeians (spelled incorrectly I am sure) either indifferent or running for their lives.

  3. First contact with aliens. Lots of buildings and an imposing spacecraft with smaller craft as well. Maybe some conflict with religious belief or the Aliens are going to deceive us sort of thing.

  4. In the future a guy drives an old model T car down the road with pedestrians staring at the driver. The driver has a big smile on his face.

5 A helicopter rescues someone trapped on the edge of a waterfalls. A distant shot with emphasis on some landscape as well.

  1. A future city’s energy generating center getting its energy from the sun or solar collector in space. A vast landscape surrounds the energy centre .See above image.

Hopefully one of these could turn into something I like a little more than my other concept . I wanted to enter the 2d challenge too but coming up with one concept is proving to be a tough job. Comments appreciated.


It`s nice and keep ur reason to do that .goodluck …


3, 5 and 6 are the most spectacular of the choices. Not sure which I’d do. 3 and 5 would allow you to establish the image from an emotional view as well. Lets see a sketch of 3 and 5.


I really like 5 and 6. 3 is ok, but maybe a bit too cliche? I think 6 would be better if you want to show off an enviroment, as well as the energy fx goign on. 5 seems like it would be better right upclose to the action, but depending on the compostion, a distant shot can work. good luck getting those ideas out.


Dude! I’m subscribed, fantastic finish you had to M&S i must say. I personally like 1 and 4, the others have a somewhat ‘GSO’ feel to it, I think it wouldd be nice to bring down the scale of the image and focus on the ‘human spectacular’, know what I mean? 4 has a lot of potential I think, you could show the guy jumping off a ramp in his car or something, could look really awesome!

Cheers mate


Hmmm, tricky… the last sketch for number 6 looks like it can be really dramatic/spectacular.
But I really like the originality of the first two concepts, plus as keetmun says it can be really interesting to have more focus on the human reactions.
Number 4 could also work that way. Well, you’ve no problems in coming up with ideas anyway - good luck with whatever you choose :thumbsup:


Yep . always good to have human re-action dude


Nice concepts so far, good luck to ya!:thumbsup:


I’ve just already discovering your thread… and the thing that jump into my face is your concept #2 sketch… really impressive… I love a lot airplane but I think you can forget the first concept for this one… I like this idea of sun energy station…
#4 appear interesting too… fun and contrast… but I’m not sure about the spectacular impact… but why not… :smiley:

Best wishes for you, I’m waiting your final choice :thumbsup:


Here is my concept for “First contact” , I decided to go with a middle ages type setting. I will probably make the gorge more prominent and add a quite a few more buildings. The alien ships are just place holders now , it could also be a supernatural event instead of aliens.
Let me know your comments.


Mike you have great sketchez! Personaly i think previous versions were better. Only for the composition itself. This one above is a bit empty on the top half of the image. Of course you can modify it, but now it looks a bit non-balanced. Am sure you will find your way as i see youur works here. :wavey: :thumbsup: