Spectacular 3D Entry: Matthew Mobley


Hay Matt… as ever am loving the growing story line! Cool (or should that be hot) eruption too. Got to get going on mine. Scary! :eek:


It doesn’t look like a whole lot here, but what you’re looking at is a model of an actual section of a mountain range in Montana facing Yellowstone National Park. (USGS ROCKS!) As we speak, I’m rendering another test. I can’t decide between a vertical or horizontal layout, so I’ll do both and see which turns out better.


Okay. I’ve openly been pretty down on the “automatic terrain and foliage generators” but I figured since it came free with my lightwave upgrade, I’d give vue a shot. I think I’ll change my mind now.


This is why I changed my mind about foliage generators. I was going to skip this layer because I didn’t want to spend the rest of the challenge modeling trees. Now I’m free to concentrate on making everything else look good. I’m calling this one rendering because all I had to do was change a few options to get them to look how I liked.


I wanted to wait before doing this, but I couldn’t and once it was together, I liked it so much that I had to share. This is the complete background of my image. It will probably change slightly, as far as elevations of the elements are concerned once I get the rest of the image done and composited, but it’s definately fitting together well, I think.


Hmmm … the mountains need trees.


:cool: Nice explosion on your background, is that HV?

The mountains and trees looks a bit flat… oh well, only wip now.

Good work!


Yep. 95% HV, 5% photoshop goofing off. I’m taking a break from the background and going to focus on the houses and characters for a while. Then I’ll come back to it and see if ideas for improvement come to me. Thanks for the feedback.


havent had a chance to try vue… but looks liek your off to a great start…


lookin good matt…but, it would look better if you could add some more smoke, debris and most importantly, flowing gooey lava on the mountains…and perhaps give the mountains a reddish tinge…theat will make 'em gel well


Thanks. I definately agree that a reddish glow on the mountains would help a lot. Perhaps some trees and things being blown into the air would be cool. From the data I’ve been able to find, it’s more of an ash volcano than a lava type, so I’m going to pass on the lava. At least for now. Also, the trees seem to be blending in with the mountains too much, so I’m working on that too. Lot of stuff to do. Good thing there’s a lot of time left. Thanks for the advice. Now, back to work! :smiley:


Hey Buddy. Have been out of the loop of the challenge for some time so it’s great to catch up and see what you’ve been up to. Looking great - the mountain and trees are starting to set the dimension of the image and I’m looking forward to swapping notes on the volcanic ash… must start to work on mine soon. Catch up with you again soon. :bounce:


Hey Matt, nice going, I like the firs, you have picked a natural color to them :thumbsup: keep up!


I’m currently waiting for the mountain changes to render so I decided to see what it would look like with a second eruption in the distance. The sky will also be different when I’m done with it and the scene be a bit darker to signify that there’s more ash in the air starting to block out the light. After this change on the mountains and the foreground trees are done, I’m going to get back to the houses and people.


I think I’m going to go with the vertical version. It really lets me expand on the size of the event and will let me draw a bit more attention to the people who are going to be in the scene. Now that I put the mock-up of the houses on there, it strikes me that the closest layer of trees don’t look right. And the ones on the mountains are bugging me. It looks perfectly fine in the preview, but as soon as the render finishes, it looks like big green cotton balls glued to it.


wowow Matty. Your mountains look cool now. There’s just one hitch…Your explosion ain’t cloudy enough. Check out this following link:


Hope that helps. Keep up the good work.


Thanks. You’re right about the eruption being not quite right. I’m a total noob when it comes to hypervoxels and things like that. But every challenge I try to put something in that I haven’t done before, and that was it this time. The current plan is to finish up the rest of the stuff and use whatever time is left to work on the eruptions. I think I also got the trees on the mountains to look better. In my full size previews it looks like it got rid of the big green cotton ball problem, so we’ll see what it looks like when it’s done rendering. :bounce: (That’s me being impatient.)


Hi Matthew, nice mountain update, but trees looks like fuzzy balls, maybe you could scale them a bit in hight, the explosion looks intresting but it needs some “touches” to look more natural, like motion blur small fractal flames, glowing and things like that, the second far explosion looks better for me, anyway good luck, I’ll drop by later… :thumbsup:


Yeah. I’m really not happy with how it’s turned out so far. It’s okay. Just not great. And with the time left, I’ll be lucky to finish it, let alone trying to make the trees and eruptions better. The second eruption is actually just the first eruption mirrored and modified in photoshop. Hopefully within the next few days I can have another update posted and we’ll see how it’s coming along.


looks like your moving forward pretty good… how did you make the trees on the mountain?