Spectacular 3D Entry: Matthew Mobley


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Hey, hey, well look who’s here… glad to see you Matthew, have fun on this :thumbsup:


Never mix vanilla and orange ice cream! NEVER! Actually, it’s a very detailed picture of the Yellowstone super volocano going off and the poor stupid person who didn’t believe it. The little camera behind the car and person is where I’d actually like the camera placed.


Hah, i was wondering if anyone was going to do this one! My geography teacher would flip out if he saw this…good pick!


Well, it was the first thing I thought of, but I was trying to hold out for a better idea. Unfortunately, my brain’s kind of on autopilot right now, so I’ll go for it. I was also thinking about doing a sort of triptych kind of thing showing the eruption, ash fallout and subsequent ice age.


Alrighty. As the idea has had time to sink in, I’ve made a change to it. Basically the same idea, but I think the setting needs to be changed. It will actually be in a suburban neighborhood with the man standing in the street staring at the oncoming eruption as his young daughter frantically pulls on his arm trying to get him to run. I think it’s a bit more tense that way.


Between the typical life stress and everything I haven’t had a lot of time or ambition to use for this challenge. Luckily, I’ve sprained my ankle and need to stay off it for a while, so that should give me plenty of spare time. Hopefully I’ll have some stuff up soon. :shrug:


After a while of researching houses (and learning how to model them) I’ve finally gotten some stuff to post. I’ve had a serious lack of motivation lately. Hopefully that’ll change soon.


It’s tedious, but that drill tool is a real time saver.


Hey Matt… great minds think alike…! Am looking forward to comparing notes on how to create the most spectacular volcano effects. Have been out of action for a while but hope to get back in the swing next week and progress my modeling. Have fun my friend. :bounce:


I have no idea how you’re gonna pull this off, but good luck to ya anyways! Houses look keen so far too! :smiley:


Heh. To be honest, until today I wasn’t sure either. Boredom breeds creativity, I guess. I’m using lightwave, so I decided to render the hypervoxels for the eruption seperately then composite it in later to “save time.” The rendering for the effect has been running all day and is getting relatively close to being done. Got my fingers crossed that it’ll actually work the first time. (Riiiiiight.)


if you can render hypervoxes you can render anything


Going a bit out of order, but I wanted to get this one out of the way so I can make sure the idea would work. 16 hours and 32 seconds of rendering, but I’m happy with the result. For now anyway. We’ll see how I feel about it later. I think once it’s in where it’s supposed to be, it’ll be either a lot more impressive or like a big glowing pile of … stuff.


Thought I’d post a close-up of part of the eruption. Still not full size, but I think it’s kind of cool.


Hey Matt,

Yellowstone blowing up is quite the concept , would definitely be spectacular . The explosion looks okay but could use more colors I think. Good luck with this.


I’ll see what I can do about the colors if there’s time. It’s worth a try, but I think it’ll be the last thing I do since that takes so long to render the full version. Thanks for the advice.


Hi Matt, well as previously you’ve got an unordinary idea so that’s great :thumbsup: . Eruption looks not bad, some tweaking would be nice, like add some glowing to fire, it will look more dramatical and natural. I’ll be waiting for more… …the little girl is trying to save her dad while he is looking at eruption… damn why those kids are so clever in movies and etc?..


Various props to make the streets look like streets. I’m going for things that will make it look like a nice neighborhood, but not really ritzy up scale hoity toity stuff. Nice place to live kind of thing. Hmm … need to change the pole on the mail box.


Hey Andrius.

Yeah, it’s kind of annoying how kids always seem to know more than the adults. But mainly I think adults can be really stupid sometimes. This little girl, however, is simply scared out of her wits and dad’s being no help what so ever. Meanwhile mom is over in the doorway of the house yelling at them both to get inside. (Mom’s not too bright either if she’s still around.) The story that takes place after this image isn’t my greatest, but it’s relatively interesting. Basically mom grabs the girl and runs back into the house. Dumbass dad stays outside and gets blown away. The mom uses all her strength to get out of the basement where she and the girl were hiding and collapses in the ash. The girl stays there crying until a survey team from the Army Corps of Engineers finds her and takes her off to a city on the edge of the ash laden area. Many years pass and she winds up with a group of “Diggers” who go into the ruined cities and salvage any electronics and jewelry they can find. They make a pretty good living at it because of the government’s lax enforcement of the laws designed to keep people out of there. Then stuff happens and it goes on and more stuff happens then it ends. Basically it’s the first in a trilogy that will probably go no further than this challenge. But it’s fun.