Spectacular 3D Entry: Matt Stoch


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Latest Update: Modeling: head wip


I will have my concept art and idea up later tonight. This will be fun. :bounce:


heres my first scetch, i penciled it and then put it into photo shop to try to make it look better. need to get one of those pen mice…


Heres my idea, a advanced race of beings(about as advanced as us now, maybe less) on their home planet and they believe in intellegente extraterrestrial life in the universe. they know that one day they will have the technology to explore the starts for other life or get a visit from one of these space travelers as they pass by. Well there in luck.
The emotion will be captured by all the creatures in the scene. mixed emotions may be felt among the crowd. some excited, some shocked, and maybe one getting restrained as its yelling something about a government conspiracy. I will try to imagine what it would be like for us if one day someone came to visit us and then create this emotion in the scene.

Here are the problems:

  • should I make the visitor a Human from our future that has the technology to travel this far, or a alien. if human, should i show that they are peaceful or should i leave a sence that these pesky humans are just here to steal you land…

  • I can’t decide weather i want to make the home planet race tall well evolved beings or the short puggi lizard looking type that i keep seeing in my head.

  • one last one, i’m thinking about the size difference between the two speices. if the visitor will be human then i think i’ll make him smaller and if it an alien then i will make him taller. i have always wondered, if earth was the size of Jupiter, would we be bigger?

this is my first Challenge, let me know what you guys think.


Hey Matt,

I like the concept , as far as the height of the aliens I am sure either way will work. Look forward to your modeling of the scene.


thanks mmoir. I have decided to make the home planet race obsessed with astrology. This is there politics and religion. I will try to incorporate this into the architecture, clothing, ect.


Excellent concept, I really like the angel that you picked for it. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. :smiley: Good luck!



Nice idea. I think its a good idea to keep the human element, so that the audience can relate to it. Maybe show a pristine land that the humans discovered, and how different it is to what the earth would be like in that time period (i.e. factories, destroyed wasteland)…

Just thoughts…


Thanks man, i like the shot as if your one of the spectating aliens in the crowd. I have a few other angles in my head. one i have is straight from the emperors eyes looking at the 3 humans approching, and in this shot i would have more aliens closer around the 3 humans and have the reflection of the emperors face on the the astronauts helmet. but i think i will not do that shot as the humans faces need to be seen. :frowning: but who knows, we’ll see.

Thanks man, i will keep them human as you brought up a good point. just not sure how advanced i want to make the technology. (like the aliens have discovered how to create and control some sort of plasma energy sorce but haven’t figured out how to make fire.)

I will have some modeling pics up soon.


Ah, well this was a plaza before i got a fatel computer error and crashed I’ll have to redo it tonight.


Heres some on the ship. still tweeking the details. i’m looking for some more refs.


theres a few SubD overlaps in these, i have fixed them. I’ll have more details this after noon and post this evening. theres no landing gear yet as i’m still trying to deciding the look. let me know what you think.


nice work man …

nothing to say about ur gr8 modeling nd details …

keep it up … :slight_smile:


Hi there, just checking on your progress, nice ship! This can be a really cool image.
Hope your computer is ok.


Good modelling of the ship! About your basic concept: I’d suggest to consider using unusual position of the camera (“frog” or “bird”) and wider focal length in order to increase the dramatic impact on the viewer of the final image.


maxspider3000 - Thanks man, will do.

SNoWs - Thanks, my computers fine, I think its my GC card. The fan went out about 2 months ago and I replaced the fan but I think one of the memory banks is fried. it crashes on UT2004 on massive levels at full res. But this was the first time it crashed during 3D. I’ll keep you posted.:thumbsup:

Big D - Thanks for the input. I have been thinking of having a few different Speicies on the planet including some animals. thats a great idea, i’ll keep that in mind.:slight_smile:


Hey Matt,

I like the modeling steps you showed for your ship model, good stuff :thumbsup: . The ship has a bit of a fish or animal quality to it with respect to the back wings or fins and I think it will look great when textured.


I think you need to see a much more reference. it will realy help you for design.
good luck. :thumbsup:


mmoir - thanks. I was thinking of dolphins when i was modeling it. I’m going to be adding more like a Gundam. I will be leaving half of them smooth like fins and the other half like boxy wings.

ali_rahimi_3d - thanks. I’m currently looking for Gundam Wing references for the ship. I want it to have alot of wings. is this waht you ment?


Just come to wish you good luck! :slight_smile:

Nice ship. Keep going!:thumbsup: