Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


waiting for the final image!!!:bounce:


I’ve added more smoke to the pic… better with more volume?

I’ve also adjusted the levels on the smaller frogs to make them stand out a bit more…

almost there!


Everything is looking ace Martin!

6 hours left, your cutting it close:argh:


I love this image :slight_smile:
Very amazing :wink:


Fantastic image. I hadn’t seen this one before. I love the engineering on the robotic frog! Just beautiful. I can really see the love that went into making it look like it could really work. Great entry. Good luck, Martin!


last minute posing… I had this muddling in my mind for a while… hope I can fit it in time


hey martin! please don’t loose the deadline, your entry is one of my very favourites!

The new frog looks very funny, heheh:D


The Heist

And there it stood, over shattered glass and broken cement, a behemoth of a machine. It resembled the shape of a large toad, about as tall as a story building, and so heavy it cracked the paving beneath it. On its back sat the pilot, a mutant frog, overweight, disgusting and sinister. He smirked at just how easy it was to rob the city bank.


great work! if i would see this in real i think it could be spectacular for sure!!!:slight_smile:


Fantastic! Congratulations, you’ve made a great work. I wish good luck to you :applause:


:bounce: congratulations Versiden on finishing a great image! :thumbsup: excellent !!



I am glad to see your final piece, i like it a lot, it would have been great if the pilot were looking at the little frogs down there, Well Martin, though I haven’t receive a visit from you in the last 2 challenges I am happy to see more of your work
Maybe We’ll see us in the next one


Hey Martin,

Very nice final image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , glad to see you overcame your render problems. The jumping frog is a nice touch. Good luck with this.


damn, that’s was mad … 1 hr 24 to spare … it’s a little too close for my liking ;p

I want to thank everyone for their support, it’s been a fun ride bring this thing to life (except maybe the last 4 days, lol)

in the final image I’ve added the frog to the left of the background, adjusted levels slightly and added more bank notes to the ground. I can’t see anything else I missed that I could fix. (going over the tiff now).

goodluck to everyone with the challenge!


Congrats Martin!

Glad to see you made it, that was close:scream:
Fantastic image!
Good Luck!


well done, one of my favourites



hehe, ye… a little too close for comfort ;p


Yeeeepaaaaaa! :bounce:
Finisheeeddd! Awwè! Martin, you’ve done an amazing work, and the last frog is very funny!! :slight_smile:
Love this entry, congratulations for finishing it at time and give us this beautiful and original image!!! Good luck for the vote! :beer:


Congrats Martin, I was really worried you wouldn’t make it :confused:
But you still had time to add one more frog, and the pose is excelent and funny, you did really good! This is also one of my favorites, can’t wait to see all the entries and start voting, it’s gonna be really hard to judge :stuck_out_tongue:


I love such a clean and perfect 3d… congratulations!