Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


interesting concept.
I like your mechanic design. Cool~~
Good luck~~`



ok, my pc hates me…

“cannot free memory” … my render of the mech frog died halfway with this error


“cannot free memory” … my render of the mech frog died halfway with this error

Oh no! I hope u’ll finish it! Good luck!


these are all the rendered layers I have so far…

The other render I had going died because of a Power failure! what else can go wrong?

I’ve added smoke/dust in PS and have adjusted the interior brightness slightly…


maybe u have already try… but a render"region" in a lower res…good luck martin!


Hope your renderproblems are over real soon and you will enter this magical piece
Your in my favourit 5 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Good luck to you!


Maybe one BOXX should be the solution…
I wish U the best Martin to complete this picture !


And now I’m getting really really worried … :sad:

Please Please please, tell me you’ve got some good news here . :cry:



looks like the max resolution I can render is 2200x? it’s lower than the required print res but it’ll have to do considering my limitations ;(

I had 3 renders running thru since yesterday afternoon, thank god non of them gave errors

I’ll comp tonight and post an update


I cross my fingers for you mate… :thumbsup:


Luck, Luck and 100 times luck. I wish U and your renders all the best. Gr8 image.


We are praying my friend !


Good Luck Martin!

Everything is looking excelent so far,.

It also says in the rules “render as large as you posibly can” and “send what you got”.
that is what you are doing, so it should be ok.


Good luck Martin! I really hope you can solve your tech troubles - this is going to be a fantastic image :thumbsup:


Hi Martin!
I hope to see your final image in time! Your my favorite entry for sure :blus:, the concept it’s so original and funny, and you’re doing a beautiful image, with an amazing modeling and texuturing style!!! :arteest:

Wish you all the best, i’m waiting to see your final!!! :buttrock:

Good luck:beer:


I’ve pieced together the mech frog from numerous render regions. Glad that’s over!

currently the res is at 2200x1319, not my desired output, it’s about half. I’ll continue to try render for print, but at least for now I just want to finish in time

thanks for all the support guys… very motivating!


u can do it on time buddy.my wishes r with u.best of luck.:thumbsup:


You got my best wishes in those last hours :bounce:
You can do it :thumbsup:


Please please please finish it!

Its one of the best! :thumbsup:


Ps. Idea:

Render a further out(truck) camera at 3000pix (more bg that way) but you can still use the elements that you allready have!

(i hope I make sense if not I could photoshop s/thing)