Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


:thumbsup: !

Boss looks nice and slimey!
Very gangsterish style with the pinstribes, nice!
good detail with the cracked tiles on the sidswalk outside the bank.
It’s gonna be a cool one.
Stay wihtin the timeline:wip: !


Pretty near at the end … just don’t stop Martin :wip:


I love all of your work :slight_smile:
Good Job :thumbsup:


Clean cool texture work Martin ! Another great piece of art is coming from U ! Keep the faith and see ya !:thumbsup:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: OH, nice frogs…


Thanks Martin,

That’s pretty much how I’m working with my bitmapped textures too (even with some reactive procedurals). I suppose it’s the subtleties and artistic judgement that make yours stand out.


Hi Martin.

Boah :eek:… This is coming out realy great.
I just love all your details… :thumbsup:

Hurry up Friend!


Hurry up! cause:

  1. I cant wait


im going nuts, I keep getting “Cannot free memory”

I’ve rendered out the background, and the tiny frogs, but the main Mech Frog just won’t render!


Hi I’m sorry , I didn’t post here until now , but I wanted to say that your work is fantastic !
Mod, textures, light everything really rocks ! besides you’re style is just amazing , funny and original and clean… Respect…:bowdown:

Now I really hope you 're gonna solve your render problem, I cannot imagine you’re not gonna finish on time because something like that. I had similar prob on mine and it was a real nightmare , I had to format my machine… But I hope you 're gonna solve it without doing that.
Maybe export just the main mech frog into a new scene … Maybe try to render that frog without lights…and do another render with no textures , just the spec/shadows with alpha layer and composite it after with photoshop…

I don’t know , but I’m sure you’re gonna find a good way to finish your masterpiece, I’m crossing my fingers for you…


hi! What rendering system do You use Martin?


I cleaned my CPU fan, before it was running at 70 degrees, now it’s about 45-50

that didn’t help tho…

I don’t think it’s a texture problem, but I have reduced the size of my texture maps for objects that aren’t very large.

I’m using Mental Ray and Max7.
I’m using min 1 max 64 samples (i’ve tried max 16 and it also gave me the same error).
Final Gathering sample at 200.

I’ve reduced my render output res to 3000x1800, and it still gave the memory error.

  • I’ve jsut now driven to my office to try and use another machine - hope it helps… AMD vs Intel?
    argh… pulling out hairs


Hey Martin,

I hope you solve your render problems in time and I am really looking forward to your final image. Good luck .


I’ve tried a render on an Intel machine, it also failed : “Cannot free memory”.

Also tried a network render with 2 machines, rendering the same scene at 4000 pixels X and it failed - exception error.

So solution for now it seems, I’ve actually got a render going but relatively lowish res: 2668x1600. It seems the highest I can go… maybe I could go higher. but I’m running out of hours.


argh… why didn’t I think of that… … thx for the suggestion. What I’m going to do tho is try to finish at the resolution I’m currently rendering at. Then after the deadline I’ll have time to render higher without the stress ;(



martin …if u finish on time make sure u have a new free computer to finish that with the high
res…without stress…:buttrock: good luck!!


my lighting setup: my main light source is a MR spotlight with raytraced shadows. I also have a projector map to cast shadows onto the building.

Interior is a series of omnis with intensity of 0.05.


additionally I have a hdr map for my reflections and GI


oh! it’s seem the nightmare! hope you can finished on time martin! good luck!


my image so far… no colour tweaks or post work yet… just stitching together the background and frog layers…

more to come, time running out