Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Ohh - very nice orange frog! The MR limit is familiar - I suggest you do as Gregory suggests, and render in parts, that should work.
Good luck for completion of this really great piece :thumbsup:


try decreasing the size of your biggest images. Maya has .map files that can help in these situations, don’t know if max has an equivalent.


@3dRaven, haven’t split it into parts yet. Right now I’m just trying to do a test render of the Mech frog only to see the overall progress. The Mech Frog is at 1.9 million polys

@SNoWs - I’lll try that … thx


the test render came out successfully. Thanks Snows, seems the resize on the textures did the trick - u rock ;-p

a few more objects still to be textured, should be done by tomorrow… l8rz




Indeed awesome… :applause:



I Fun a lot when a see you concept!


I really like this big, orange, mean frogmachine… :bounce:


Thats one nasty frog machine!

Excelent textures!


Very beautiful :slight_smile:


texture is really god man!, your entry is awesome!!


martin ,this is the most original entry of this challenge, love those crazy gangstaz frogz…really funny!,the shaders and modellin’ are exellents congrats and good luck for the final image an awesome pic for sure…


I’ve textured the inner pipes and wires, I think it’s complete now. I’ll move on to texturing the Frog boss.

comments/suggestions welcome


• Looking cool Martin, great job so far, I wish u the best.


Great job!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Nothing else to say, your texture are excellent!! :arteest:


Hi Martin !

I’m watching Your work since You’ve started and I really admire Your concept :slight_smile: -mech-frog looks great !!! :slight_smile: -keep up the good work !!


Frog boss textures… I’m quite pleased with what I’ve covered tonight…
The only things left to texture here are the money notes, shirt, tie and waistcoat. I think the clothes will be really quick, the money notes however is tricky ;p

The left thumb looks a little strange, I’ll collapse the model and fix the envelopes manually.



WOW! Looking great so far Martin;)

Love the pinstripes…

Good luck texturing the money:p


wow the textures are great…good job my young padawan:thumbsup:


Whaouw… very clean and very perfect… good style… great texturing for him… his skin is really well done, as a real frogman… :thumbsup: