Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Nice nice nice !


Cool textureing on the robo-frog’s head. I like the fact that it is understated, a lot of people go nuts with rust and scratches on metal textures but yours looks nice and subtle. Great job on your image as a whole, I love the little frog characters lifting the money bags! One of the best, for sure. Alexi


Excelent textures on the frog head!

Scratches er very moderate and cool,.
nice work!:thumbsup:


just wanted to say that this image is my fave so far keep up the good work!


Hi Martin,

This is great texturing! I’m trying to get the same “used grunge” look in some of what I’m working on.

Are you using procedurals or bitmaps. And are you rendering in passes & compositing channels in post, or are these channels combined in mentalray?

Just currious. If you have a moment, would you mind taking a look at my latest submission? I’m trying to get the same kind of look you’ve got on the back of my procession boat. I’m using Electric Image but the same techniques should apply, right?

Awesome Work!


Amazing texture work…and i love the style of modeling… :thumbsup:


Yup…Head of frog -bot has cool shader on it…Maybe a bit …just a bit…less saturated…but i can wait till i see the ful thing…go Martin…go ! :bounce:


thx to all for comments… I feel like I didn’t do alot of work last night… so I’ll have to play catchup.

@DimitrisLiatsos - thx… will see how it goes… I just want alot of colour for the mech, the background I made purposfully dull and desaturated… I want the characters to stand out more…

@harryb - can u put a link for your 3d entry on your sig? I’m using hand painted bitmaps, and it’s a raytrace mat with diffuse, spec and bump - very simple


texture update, completed the outer body… moving onto the other parts…


Hi Martin,

re: the link in the signature – I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner! I’m new to this forum stuff, so forgive me if I seem a little out of touch. In case my signature doesn’t update properly, here’s the link to my entry page:

Harry’s Entry Page

Thanks again. I’m using bitmaps too for the most part.


martin this looks really good dude. One of my fav’s


very nice shader ! color is cool ! maybe you can add secondary color to it ! good job martin!


I have to say I really love the idea of a giant frog robot, you modeling and design on it is great.


you know what, orange was the last colour i would have expected you to do, but it works so well… great job mate


Absolutely fantastic :applause: :applause: :applause:

Looking forward for the final image. I`m sure it will be awesome :bounce:


Excellent working here! I love your work very much, everything is great. :applause:
Textures on robotic frog looks fantastic, great design too. Keep it and finsh at time! :thumbsup:


Beautiful! Waiting for update! I love the color!
I can’t wait to view the final image!! :bounce:


Have you thought about adding a dust/particle layer on top of the image to show that the concrete was crushed not long ago?

Great entry can’t wait to see the fully textured mecha-frog :smiley:


thx guys
So far I’ve hit a familiar problem - Mental ray error: cannot free memory. I’m searching for a solution on the forums… hope I can find something.

I’ve tried increase the memory limit to max, and checking conserve memory ON.
I also converted alot of my raytrace mats to standard, as I wasn’t really using reflections on some materials. That helped the FG process from 4% to 72% before I got the error…

@3dRaven - I’m going to add smoke and dust in the background in post


Have you though about splitting the scene into 2 parts?

  1. outside (mechafrog, frogs outside of bank)
  2. interior bank elements

Cut n paste in post, might save you some memory