Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


So detailed Martin…i am glad u are continuing on this…cracks are some how difficult in my mind but this one here really shows his heavy weight from metal armor…cool stuff…more now :bounce:


Cracks are Killer Martin! Good luck running to the line;)


update on the textures - I’ve completed most of the texturing for the environment.

I’ve added more rubble for the broken wall. I modelled a few broken fragements, cloned them, and then use reactor to make them fall and disperse. I’m quite happy with the result so far. I’ll manually place some key rubble and broken pieces.

lighting has been slightly improved, I’ll work on it more tho.

The broken glass isn’t stading out at all … will focus on it today

Hopefully I can start on the textures for the Mech FRog today ;p

comments welcome


stunning image! modelling is awesome and lighting is great! what 's your renderer?


thanks! I’m using mental ray

@DimitrisLiatsos - lol, I’ll try and finish… killer squirrels of doom - no thanks ;p


hey Martin, i love your entry, i have resisted posting so far but been watching form the beggining… such an original peice i think you desire a prize just for that. :cool:


Advice puts the comical frog of first

good luck!


Nothing to crit for the moment, parts yet textured works very good… just waiting for more… always good work Martin… GO GO GO… :thumbsup:


Nice work, Versiden. I like the rubble and the cracks in the pavement. The only thing is there doesn’t look like there’s enough rubble for a hole in the wall that size. I know you’re going to be placing more rubble manually, but I just thought I should say that anyway.:slight_smile:


hey thanks for the feedback guys

@Hoju - thx for the advice, I think you’re right and I’ll adjust the volume of the rubble and debris


The cracks are very nice…

The composition is ok, but I NEED to see the little helpers in action to see…

Good work!..


absolutely crazy ! a very nice update sand the froggys are wonderful :wip:


update on the head texture for the mech frog. So far I’ve got the diffuse and specular mapped. Will do the bump map and then update again.

So far I’m happy with the progress… turning out better than I hoped ;p

suggestions welcome … bump map to follow


Hey Martin,

Wow, that is one impressive looking frog:applause: and the lighting is great . The texture to the frog looks excellent too. I do think the interior of the building could use more details on the wall(up high)
Great job so far.


wow great texture!


Maybe you could use something less saturated to keep a more consistent color palette? That big red thing next to the little green frogs doesn’t look so good :shrug:



:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I don’t imagine this kind of color for it… but that works really good… just continue man… interesting steps so far :thumbsup:


• Nice, I think the color Looks very good! :thumbsup:


Well Nothing to crit, just waiting for next. Huge work you’re doing on this challenge martin.