Spectacular 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Respecta, Man. Respectacular


hehehehe ! very good :wink:
excellent idea and very nice realisation !! One of my favorite :thumbsup:
perhaps can you test a camera angle between the A and the C, to see the sit of the machine.
keep it up !


Cool! I like it!


I have to quote james… the A camera is the best of all, eventually try to work the camera angle and the distance of the camera… eventually a more deep camera angle (24, 22…) and the camera a bit near can add a more inrtiguing feeling ? I’m not sure… just a comment… In any case I really like what are you doing, don’t stop !
:applause: :beer:



For me it’s also camera A, just looking great…and please, pleeeaaase: finish this picture!!!:bounce:



the composition is great, and the illumination too.:thumbsup:


CLEARLY the BEST IDEA of the challenge !

very funny and very nice design !

I am really impressed by the way in which you respect the drawing…
good work


hahaha,man thats is reaslly funny,specially those who are in corner.,hahaha,greaat!:thumbsup:


Its looking realy good.When are you starting to texture.


guess I should start huh?
j/k … I’ve started on the textures for the small frogs… will refine tonight then post


DON"T U DARE NOT TO FINISH THIS AND SUBMIT…we will send the Squirrel regiment up to your flat and u will understand the meaning of pain…now…(lowering voice…) Heads Up ! :bounce:


Great scene, Versiden. Like a lot of other people, I have to say that the sense of weight in the small frogs looks really convincing. I look forward to seeing the textures soon.


hehehe everything looks really good, and funny, too! The little frogs are great. The details in the larger frog are really interesting to look at. Looking good!


Haha :scream: :cry: ! I can´t stop luagh. Frogs with moneys are fantastic, excellent working here. I look foward too see, how this end! Good luck! :thumbsup:


texturing update… done with the small frogs… don’t want to spent too much time here. I still have to model teeth for them… watch this space

lighting is terrible right now… I’ll be working on it soon


Great !!!
I love the last image :slight_smile:


Go South Africa! Cool concept…hilarious! Looks good so far.


Nothing more to said about the lighting… but your frogs are okay for me… very basic “green”… but very adapted to the style of your creation… thus very good :thumbsup:


the frogs looks very comical there man! cool action too!


modelled broken tiles of the pavement where the mech frog is resting.