Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


At each level, we have lot of to learn… it’s the principal interest in these challenge… that’s make me happy each time…
I just profit of this post to point you 3 another little things for the police car…

  • tires appear very clean… then more dusty… more rubber and less oily…
  • and the “avoid-shock” (para-scossa ?) maybe need some chrome… and eventually little chocks and/or rust…
  • that can be good to see the ray light of the car light…
  • the grill is rather simple, it doesn’t have there a grid, it has there the possibility of cheated and to gain in the details without too much work, by adding these bars of protections which we often finds in front of these vehicles of police force. It are often black… I hope you see what I mean…

That all for now… family time now :shrug: e buena sera Marco:beer:


I try to blend the road and the ground. This is the first attempt.


adjusting the cops…


at first I thought the alien was floating because the left foot’s shadow is directly below the right foot; then I saw the right foot’s shadow… optical illusion I guess. I love the cops but specially the white cop’s expression. I also have a tiny nitpick; the white cop almost looks like he’s smoking a pipe when it is just a piece of the UFO. I would rotate the ship a little to move that piece of the ship. Consider rotating the ship a bit to put that part of it behind the cop, just a thought.


your model and te spaceship are really nice, really funny picture!
personaly i prefer the previous concept in witch we see the giant spaceship and the scene with the policeman and alien really in the bottom in little size, it did a nice scale effect to your picture , more spectacular i think.
good job :thumbsup:


Thanks for the advice friends!

SNoWs: Yes, I see it now! You’re right, it seems the white cop is smoking something! I can’t rotate the ship, but I think I can isolate the cop from the shop with a red rimm light to the white cop too and some blur on the ship (and maybe I can erase the pipe behind). Thanks for your words!

kingfish3d:I agree with you, in the first sketch the whole scene was more spectacular, but I like more this camera point of view because it remarks the silly side of the story. Thank you!


I changed the rimm light of the white cop and I added some blur to the spaceship. Then I tried to add some warm clor to the bottom of the sky and some smoke. I hope it will help the whole feeling of the image.


Hehe your entry put a smile on my face… :thumbsup:

(somehow Id missed it so far…)

Good job!


Thank you sergio! I’m happy you like it! Good luck to you!


I’m going to finish…let me introduce you my actors: starting with officer R. Jackson.


jajajaja thats very funny. an alien drunk test…very M.I.B:cool:


thanks melkao! Happy you like it and its M.I.B./x-files feeling!

(I agree with your last sentence…)
Good look!


Hahaha… very nice care to the details… I love the star on this guy… glad to meet officer R. Jackson :thumbsup:


Introducing Pudrux the alien!
(In the mean time I’m adjusting the final image)


too cool work :applause:
really like your style ! very good shaders on your characters ! keep it up :slight_smile:


This huy is fantastic, I love his face and his design… very great Marco :thumbsup: I happy to meet Prudux the Alien… :scream:


Hello medunecer and Pudrux.:wavey:

I like the shading of Pudrux’s skin. It looks kind of oily, but still dry and not overdone. Well done.:thumbsup:


Hi fellows! Thanks a lot! From Pudrux too!


jajajajajaja nice alien:thumbsup:


Well fellows, this will be my final image. I hope you like it!