Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


I made the first rendering of the cops. Unfortunately, I realized that I have troubles with memory limits, so I’ll made all the final rendering in a not so high resolution (approx 2600 high x 1800 wide).


I made 5 different rendering of the spaceship blended together in photoshop in this single image.


Yep Marco, very nice ship model and super cool characters (the expressions are working well). The whole scene is so funny, hilarious stuff !:bounce: The only thing I think you should work on is some wrinkles on the pants and shirts of the police guys.:thumbsup:


It looks like you’ve overcome your lighting issue with the ship.:thumbsup: How does it look in the scene with that lighting?



Great Ideia…



Oh - I really like that ship! The texture is fabulous :thumbsup:


Thanks fellows for your words!

MadnesS: Thanks, I was afraid it was not a very original idea in the first time…!

Hoju: I’m having lot of troubles with lighting in general, and I don’t know how to integrate the spaceship lights with the scene…

thierry2005: Right, I have to add some wrinkles on the pants and shirts of the cops. I hope to be in time!..


Well, it’s time to verify my idea. This is the final compositing; Now I have to adjust all the elements and add some effects.


ahahahaha, great great humour:

The funniest image i see in this challenge and overall an outstanding sketches, great designs too.

Good luck mate


This is great! Hysterical! Keep it up, looking forward to seeing the final piece.


the ship is very nice!

but why the light comes from the side where camera is?


i like the expressions on the officers faces a lot, i loke the idea too , it’s really funny.:thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments fellows!
I’m very pleased to hear your words!

shemosus: Thanks! I like the officers too and I prefer the one checking the driving license of the alien. He has a very disturbing expression.

(o)ne: You’re right…I should make darker the ship. Thanks for the suggestion!

cLos71: Grazie! Your italian is very good! I hope you’ll like the final piece too!

ilusiondigital: Thanks! I’m happy you like the sketches too!

Fellows, your words and crits give me a great charge! Thanks again! And good luck to you!


Nice concept! really funny.
I think it would have been funny to have a more contrasted look between the 2 cops, I mean for example a shorter and fatter black cop.
You should work a bit more on the texture/shaders and lighting
What do you think?


Holy Smokes! That is one of the Funniest things I have seen on these boards!! I LOVE IT!


Hi fellows!

Jose Pardo: thanks my friend! Your words really make me happy, especially after I saw your spectacular 2D entry that I consider simply wonderful!!!

SILMAETH: Sure, I was going to make the black cop shorter and fatter, but I had no time so I modified the mesh of the other cop’s body…this is the reason because they’re not so different. Sure, I think you’re right about texturing and lighting and I’m going to adjust these aspects in these hours. Can you give me some suggestions about the road and the ground textures? Or any advice about lighting in general? Thanks!


I’m adjusting the whole feeling adding lens flares and lighting fx. I still have to modify the uniform of the cops and other things. What do you think? Any suggestion?


In first, thanks for your comments on my thread Marco, very kind…

Just discovering your project… I read the good evolving of you creation… great drawing skills and very funny stuffs here…

I come now with some clear eyes, and if I can say something about the last update, the first thing which jump to my eyes is the aliens clothe… that seem for me a little bit too much plastic, too shiny… maybe something more as rubber will be better… or adjusting the specular and adding very little procedural map… to catch more shadows and light, and transcribe more the shape of this alien…

About the design of the cops… nothing to crit, maybe the pants are so much straight… Their shoes appear very glossy… yes, it’s possible, but very rare for the sole part… (I know, it’s not the real life… but the “spectators” have always “our” references…).
Always around the foot… these guys are enlightened by some lights, not… that’s appear a little bit poor on shadows at this shoes part… that give us antransition very hard between the ground and the foot.

Always about trenasition… the one between the road and the ground… too much clean and clear… no reliefs, no pebbles, no duts… that can enriched this part…

Remaining parts are perfect for me… I love the ship… and I appreciate a lot the alien head… very beautiful on the close rendering, few page before.

Well…best wishes for finishing your Spectacular entry, and good luck Marco :beer: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


dear laurent,

Thanks for your crits, very useful! I agree with you about the alien’s uniform material and I’m going to post a first correction right now;
For the other things, I think I’ll fit all the errors tonight. Please, tell me again what you think if you can. I’m learning a lot thanks to this challenge and to the comments of all of the fellows like you! Have a nice 3D day (or night)!


adding rimm lights to the characters.