Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


thanks thierry! You made me a great compliment!
Infact, I’m working on this: making a cartoon character more real in the same time.


Ecellent sketches and modeling here!
It looks like it can become a really good scene from this - lots of personality. Looking forward to see where it goes :thumbsup:


Thanks Gunilla! I hope it’s going in the right direction!..


keep on texturing the cops…


very good work and great style ! :thumbsup:
Really like your characters design, especially the cops ! Keep going!


Awesome work so far man! I think you will have no problem getting done in time :thumbsup:


Finally I made the sheriff logo; I drawn it thinking about the american police logo. In general, I’m not completely satisfied about the whole texturing of the car… I’m in trouble with reflections…


“Inspect and Restrain”, haha - I love that tagline - very good :thumbsup:

I think the car looks good - perhaps a bit to much specularity on the tires … but that’s just details. You work very fast, and really well :slight_smile:


Hi! Your idea is very great! I really like it! The very expressive characters! Especially I like the desing of the spaceship! It’s so cool! I look forward to seeing your next updates! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks fellows!

Gunilla: You’re right; I have to add more specularity on the tires.
I’m happy you like the logo!

Atris: Thanks for the encouragement and for your word!

Good luck to you fellows!


wow, very nice figure style, just I love it and the car fit perfectly this kind of style… sembra un modellino BBurago :wip: complimenti !


Actors on stage, it’s lighting time! This is my first step: in the third picture you see the scene with just one distant light and the ambiet set to 5.


Some sketches about my idea of the final scene setup; There are some changes from the first concepts, especially about the camera angle and the expressions on the faces.


…setting up the atmosphere…soon more details.


I made some changes. Now the car’s lights enhance the presence of the characters, but I still have troubles with the background.


A clean version of the spaceship. It’s very hard to light it in the scene because I don’t want to add too much light but in the same time I don’t want to loose details. Any sugestion?


I love the design of the ship. And nice texture. Congrats.


Boy, I sure have come to this thread a little too late. Your idea kind of reminds me of Futurama – It has that same kind of attitude.:buttrock:

That looks like a difficult lighting situation. Perhaps you could have some light from the sirens hitting the under side of the space ship. You could also adjust the rim light from the moon to isolate the top of the ship from the background. The space ship has some nice details; I hope you are able to reclaim them.:slight_smile:


Hoju: Thanks for comparing my work to futurama! It’s a great copmliment for a big fan of futurama like me! Thanks for the advices about lighting too. Very useful…I’ll try it!

authentic: Thanks! I always think that its design is not so original. I’d like to make better design for the future models.


great piece, a lot of style, character, and fun. i’m really digging it.

what about relying on the ship’s self-illumination as much as possible? having all the little tiny lights on the ship lighting itself may solve your issues. it would also give the ship a greater sense of scale, which may help.

i also think the angle of the police car is a little weird. if you’re going for a routine pullover feel i’d have the black and white simply pulled over to the side of the road. when it’s at an angle like that it looks like they came to a screeching halt after a high-speed chase.

hope that helps.