Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


great sketches and start on alien. see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks Alex! And good luck!


This is the head of the alien (almost finished).
And now, the body!


aaaaa, you are Way Cool:bounce: I Love your Style Marco:wise: Keep it up man:thumbsup:


very nice design on the alien face … keep it up mate:thumbsup:


Thanks fellows!


Almost a complete alien! Late nigh, I have to sleep…


Hey Marco,

I like the concept , very nice idea and your character sketches look great:thumbsup: . I also like the style you have to these sketches and hope it translates well into 3d.


Thanks mmoir! Today I’llpost a bigger render. Good luck!


Here are the cops. This is an old concept of mine that I used as a reference for my first cop model, made three months.


A closer look to the heads of the cops.


hey, you have nice idea! looking forward to see it in 3D :thumbsup:


thanks (o)ne!


i like your sketches and chars. modeling it very good to. you alien has so mutch charakter, even you do not added the textures.
i´am sure this will be a spectacular entry. good luck to you… :thumbsup:


Thanks mac_andre, I’m going to add some txtures in this week (I hope so)…now I’m quite worried about the spaceship modeling…Thanks again!


This is the model of one of the cops. He’s an italian policeman (carabiniere) and he is the fellow of the other patrolman.


Keep up the pace. Good work so far. Looking forward to more!


awesome work!
both your drawing and modeling skillz amaze me :buttrock:


Thanks fellows!


I made a mistake. I was thinking to use this character that I modeled three months ago. But I read the instructions and I learn that I can’t use models made out of this challenge…