Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


Hi fellows! Thanks a lot! From Pudrux too!


jajajajajaja nice alien:thumbsup:


Well fellows, this will be my final image. I hope you like it!


It looks great ,well done.A cool commical piece.


LOOL!!! I love this work,haha.Good luck!!:thumbsup:



Cool work!
nice sceptic expresion on the police men,.

Sir, please step away from the big, giant space craft and walk the white line please, he he.


it turned out great man! the white cop looks better without the “pipe”:slight_smile:


Very cool work man. You whipped this out like it was nothing! You got a late start and got done early! Congratulations.


Hey! You’ve finished! Congrats for a real cool entry - and finished in such style :thumbsup:
This is one of the funniest around - good luck!


Thanks fellows! Your comments are always great! Good luck everybody!


Hello Marco,
Hey congratulation man on finishing a fine and fun styled illustration!! Your modeling is great and the rendering is awsome.

All my best for the judging. Wish you luck. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :slight_smile:
Till next time!!



very cool final image…congratulations:scream:


I made this work thinking about the incapacity that sometimes people have to recognize the wonder around us; It’s like that some people are unamenable to the great things of our world.
And sometimes great things are tiny and very common in life. Maybe we lost every enthusiasm, or someone is trying to make us loosing it. And most of us start being sceptical as the policemen in my illustration. The idea came to me quickly; two policemen of a fake county of the U.S.A. are checking a “driver” and the alchool-rate in his body…
All the actors are on a road of the non-existent “County of Meduville”, but in a first time I was thinking to use an italian policeman that I made few months ago and that was ready to act in my scene.
But I read carefully the rules of the challenge and I realized that I can’t use that model because one of the aim of the “Spectacular Challenge” is to push everyone of us to made something totally new. It was really great! Difficult, tiryng but great!
I had the opportunity to test my ability to build a 3D illustration with all new characters and props in less than two months; Really a great challenge! So I started sketching and modeling all the “actors” and props almost at the same time, because the hurry of the deadline; So I did for the rigging, IK and textures, all at the same time and in the last weeks I started to make some render test. Unluchily I have not enough ram, so I made the final rendering in a not so high resolution (just 1800x2732). I made separate rendering of the different elements, output in .tga files and composed in PS. I made some manipulation on the layers and I added some effects with my pen tablet (the smoke under the spaceship and its volumetric lights).
Thanks to the advices of all my fellows of the “Spectacular Challenge” I fixed some of the bugs inside the very first version of my illustration and I finished it in time. I think there is a lot of work to do on this piece, but no more time to do it. Anyway I’m quite satisfied of the final result. I’m going to use the characters I made for this challenge in other works and maye in an animation. It was very important to me looking at the works of the other fellows; It was (and it is) so inspiring to me and every day that I look at theyr pieces of art I always learn a lot of new things very important for my work.


Hey Marco,


for your finished work! Well done, very funny and with a good message. I really like it…
Good luck for the final voting!



YOU MADE IT! :beer:


Just Spectacular and Fantastic… Congratulations Marco… you’re right to be proud of your extraordinary work in this challenge, and proud about your skill and progress… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congrats Marco,you’ll never know how much your work makes me laugh the minute i lay my eyes on the alien trying to stand steadly or dissatisfied mocking expressions on the policemen faces.well done marco:applause::applause::applause::applause:,this one will make me search for more posts by you ,to chear me up,i wish you good luck and a happy new year.


Thank you so much my friends! You give me the right charge!


Congratulations Marco, you have a fantastic concept and an incredible image, very funny and great characters. :thumbsup:


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