Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


Thank you sergio! I’m happy you like it! Good luck to you!


I’m going to finish…let me introduce you my actors: starting with officer R. Jackson.


jajajaja thats very funny. an alien drunk test…very M.I.B:cool:


thanks melkao! Happy you like it and its M.I.B./x-files feeling!

(I agree with your last sentence…)
Good look!


Hahaha… very nice care to the details… I love the star on this guy… glad to meet officer R. Jackson :thumbsup:


Introducing Pudrux the alien!
(In the mean time I’m adjusting the final image)


too cool work :applause:
really like your style ! very good shaders on your characters ! keep it up :slight_smile:


This huy is fantastic, I love his face and his design… very great Marco :thumbsup: I happy to meet Prudux the Alien… :scream:


Hello medunecer and Pudrux.:wavey:

I like the shading of Pudrux’s skin. It looks kind of oily, but still dry and not overdone. Well done.:thumbsup:


Hi fellows! Thanks a lot! From Pudrux too!


jajajajajaja nice alien:thumbsup:


Well fellows, this will be my final image. I hope you like it!


It looks great ,well done.A cool commical piece.


LOOL!!! I love this work,haha.Good luck!!:thumbsup:



Cool work!
nice sceptic expresion on the police men,.

Sir, please step away from the big, giant space craft and walk the white line please, he he.


it turned out great man! the white cop looks better without the “pipe”:slight_smile:


Very cool work man. You whipped this out like it was nothing! You got a late start and got done early! Congratulations.


Hey! You’ve finished! Congrats for a real cool entry - and finished in such style :thumbsup:
This is one of the funniest around - good luck!


Thanks fellows! Your comments are always great! Good luck everybody!


Hello Marco,
Hey congratulation man on finishing a fine and fun styled illustration!! Your modeling is great and the rendering is awsome.

All my best for the judging. Wish you luck. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :slight_smile:
Till next time!!