Spectacular 3D Entry: Marco Fantechi


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This is my starting point. It’s a very quick sketch of the image I have in my mind: A big spaceship full of lights breaks the speed limits; two italian police officers check its driver, a strange alien, as they usually do in these cases…


I try to find the right point of view and the right position of the characters and of the vehicles. I’m looking for a very imposing shoot. The spaceship has to look wonderfull, beautifull and dangerous


I start to think about the design of the spaceship. I like this shot. For now, I’ll work on it


I forgot:It’s night.


A closer look at the characters area.


This is a sketch of the first police officer’s attitude.


This is the othe police officer. He’s checking the alien’s driving licence…


This is the alien. I was working on this character few weeks ago and I decided to put him in this scene. I like his face and I think he will work very well in this situation.


This is the first color version of the alien made few weeks ago. I started it for another project, but he works fine in this scene…


This is the first sketch of the head of the alien


Some costume sketces of the alien. I’d like to mix in this dress a pyjama and something like the costumes of the some rock band of the '80es.


Other ideas about the uniform of the alien


Other ideas. I like the shape of the uniform on the shoulders, but I think it’s too cumbersome…


Well, I think it’s time to begin the model now!


I started to study the shape relations of the spaceship. I’d like to make it not so symmetrical…


I like your concept. Maybe you could do skid marks on the road weaving back and forth, so it looks like the alien was driving drunk. Good work.


Thanks Chris!

Your advice is very interesting, but maybe I can put some speed limit signal back and forth, because I don’t think the alien is really drunk…I have to think about it…Thanks again.


Cool concept. Now go go go!


Finally the first steps of the modeling of the alien. I’m going to finish the whole model this night (I hope so…)
Thanks Gardogg