Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


… its a crazy idea but lets do it!

First I get a plan from a website, mapped it on a polygon and started to create the grass field. A grass field have 120 yards (109m)


Here you have a seat and a part of the beton strucure of the stadium which I will duplicate along curves which creates the stadium tribunes.


Next step of the stadium construction.
I have cloned the seats and rail extruded the beton structure.
I`m not going to make here something real beacause I have not enough time and architectural knowledge. In the corners I will put the stadium pillars. It will be smaller than the one you see on the plan.

C&C from architects welcomed :]


And finally the roof.

I have to add some supporting structures on it to make this more interesting and I think it`s done :]


I think its not bad for few hours of work. Whats your opinion?

Of course that can be improved with many details but it`s a background object which will not take too much space on the image.


Now something different. I have no time to play with volumetrics so I will use a simple trick to create the fog: I created a plane which I bent to fit along the fault. I will map this plane with cloudlike transparent texture. This should work well as fog. If needed I will make few different layers of this “volume fog plane”.


I think the fog looks ok. I`m not going to add more layers.

Let`s add the stadium now :slight_smile:


A render just to show the stadium in position… I`m not happy with the stadium orientation, I will make around 40degrees turn left to show more of the backside of it. Also this will be less distracting from the main building.

Stay tuned.


Finally this looks like a final… but thers still some things to do…

What I have done here is:
_ I added a better render of the stadium with an other angle of view and more buildings behind.
_ I added a matte painting of rocky hills where no buildings could be build
_ I added some post effects like flares and color corrections.
_ I added a haze in distance

Any comments warmly welcomed!


Wow - this has truly become fantastic! Really spectacular sight - good luck for the finishing steps :thumbsup:


Gunilla thank you for your comment. I hope I could achieve in time all I wanted to do.


I don’t believe my eyes, now, I see being born live on line the Spectacular… continue your show master :thumbsup:


Thx mate, glad to read that you like the recent changes :slight_smile:
I`m finishing this image today. Stay tuned :bounce:


this going to be another great one!:slight_smile:


I have started to paint some vegetation on the left side… let me know how it looks.


I finally done the green parts :slight_smile:
Just few details now and… the end!

Opinions most wanted!!


…to see the details.


…to see the details.


…to see the details.


All is done, need to sleep and see tomorrow if there is any details which have to be changed.