Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


Hi Nomad… I have to agree, your scketch is really nice, I think this is going to be a good one… you buildings are looking neat so far… cheers.!


Justa a closer view to this building.


Finally that starts to look like a city haha. Any comments, critics and money donations are welcome… ok forget about the comments, just send money here: 0121421545 :wink:


Another set of four verry simple buildings.


Finally going forward… here are three first layers: one for the fault, one for forground left buildings and one for the middle left buildings.
Will come another four layers plus one for the huge building on the right.
Pff hope to finish in time…


And here is a view of the three layers splitted. On the right you have a 1/1 image part which shows how works my interiors when they are illumnated and filled with low poly furniture.


good luck to you. i like the scenery well.


Always great precision and sense of detail… it’s really a giant scene, really spectacular… incredible work :thumbsup:


A little more detailed building which will go on the front right side.


niezle ci idzie :wink: I think the brigde gets lost in the compostion, i didn’t notice it until you showed the bridge model separately.


jrdollesin thank you :slight_smile:

Lemog thanks alot for your warm support :love:

mr.loco dzieki, yes the bridge is lost because it`s of thin construction… but I will probably paint some lights (red ones for the planes) and put cars on it so we will notice it better.


A different version of the previous building. I will maybe make it taller too. Just to have different levels of the roofs. For 6500 polygons, thats not bad :]


Next building, as the previous one it can be viewed from four sides so it can be cloned in different places of the city without a too repetitive look.


For the buildings texture I used a verry simple method: this simple image with verry small color variations.
As a cubic mapping, of different sizes depending of the buildings, this works well as plates of beton used to build the facades.


I have finally done the most importent: I rendered the big building in hi-res. Now I have “just” to fill the background with buildings, roads and forests.
At final some painting to rework the rocks and… done :]

Any C&C are welcome.


Very nice buildings you have, :slight_smile: may be need some fog or haze?:shrug:


That seem very good for me… all these new building… and the giant one… perfect done… I’m waiting impatiently the “fill the rest” step… that will be much more spectacular… final is near now… go mate… :bounce:


alvin_cgi thanks for your comment. Yes there will be a little haze in the distance… and I will certailny put some fog in the fault.

Lemog merci, I wanted to create a stadium and place it somewhere… I`ll see if I have the time for that.


:applause: effectively… the stadium will be a great addition in this environment… courage gars :thumbsup:


Ok let`s build a stadium in few hours :buttrock: