Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


On start I created a module with few elements. I`m keeping a geometrical shape of the module to easily copy and paste it in other parts of the terrain (with few modifications to not have exactly the same buildings look).


Another render to test how fits my new building module. Any C&C are welcome.


Thanks alot tuck to stopping here with your kind comments :slight_smile:


cool! looking good, Ive seen a lot of posts regarding the size of the monument, just remember its not the size of the monument…its what you do with it! :smiley: ah gotta love dad jokes…


Wooooooooow…Man,you are Doing it! [size=2]the base of your skyscraper(which i hope is the right name)is sooooo Cool.[/size]
i wanted to say that your Roads are screwing you whole scene but then i though you are the one who made this scene before modeling the road,so i guess i should not worry at all:thumbsup: Good luck Man,with your Bills:D


Yes, agree with previous comments - that’s what I like :slight_smile:


Momentum thx - haha good one :smiley:

3rd user thank you, I`m trying to keep the style… fourty days to acomplish all the image will not be too much :smiley: and the roads… I will try to not put too much of them.

(o)ne thanks for the kind words


Lets try to move forward today... I have created a simple building standing on a place. The image shows how Im working in texturing this place. Beacause all is seen from far and from top there is no need to add any other details (exept lamps which I`ll add later)


For this building I used the same technique as for the big main building: I placed a first facade of glass and added inside a lighting surface. But this time I made a textured one to avoid to model the interior.


Here you have a brige which will be bended at 35 degrees to make the road turning to the left.


Just an overview of what I did. You can see the brige placed. I will make a test render of the whole scene a little later.


Just a render of all I did for now with a small zoom on the brige. All the other buildings and filling the terrain will come fast now.

For the fault I decided to make all the details by painting over the final render because I will not have the time to model each rock formations as I wanted :frowning:

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


I made some little progress and modeleed few buildings…

Also I rendered the fault alone and I will start to paint over as soon as I have my main buildings line finished. (to know where I have to paint and where the buildings will cover the ground).

Stay tuned, maybe I will finish this challenge on time… maybe…


I don’t want to hear “maybe”… but “assurely”… :scream:

Your environment rendering is always incredible… I like that…

Nothing to crit for your new building… good tip with your interior/lightened/map… very effective… :thumbsup:

Keep it up Maciej… à donf :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


A bigger building with some interior. You can notice the trees on some levels.


Thank you Lemong for this warm support :buttrock:

I hope to not desapoint you and finish this challenge with a cool image.

Stay tuuuuuuuuned :arteest:


Of course mate… I never constructed buildings and then, that interests me much… and the spectacular stuff too :thumbsup:


great looking buildings and the landscape looks amazing. good job :smiley: :thumbsup:


Another brick in the wall… of my challenge :wink:

Same technique, interior filled with some low poly furniture and a light from few luminous polygons.


Agamemnwn thanks alot, glad you like all this.

Lemog, well my buildings are quiet simple now but I wil try to create few more delopped soon.