Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


Now that’s detail you can’t simply get with a texture map alone. I look forward to seeing more renders of this.:slight_smile:


SNoWs thank you

Hoju yes I`m always modeling all, even the screws in the pillars :smiley:


that’s real Great Maciej…i really like it and good luck with both this Challenge and Your Bill paying:thumbsup:


Just thanks for this great lesson of building :thumbsup:


Merci Antoine. A lesson of modeling :blush: well I did nothing extraordinary… thanks.

Thank you 3rd user, no trouble for the challenge… for the bills ehh thats another story :smiley:


That’s pice of da*n fine work!! Details are amazing - good luck in next stage!


I don’t say that only for the modeling (built) but more for the design of this “building”… I like it :thumbsup:


i second that! definitly very cool building in design and modeling!


the_fgdf, Lemog & yunisirees thanks alot for the kind words, thats gives me power to work at night on this… not done too much recently… many business work to do… but stay tuned an update is coming :smiley:


I’m agree with the others,the building is great and you’re wip is interesting… I like the idea to put some random plane to get light in the building… I think i will maybe use this tips in a further project :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Keep us updated :thumbsup:


Bardzo Dobry!!

Very good modelig, i loved the main building night ilumination !


Deankovitch dzięki :slight_smile: thanks

Goul thank you, feel free to use my idea, it helps alot.

Also for all who need aerial refs I found those stunning photos here:


Finally I`m moving forward :slight_smile: I have optimized my superhuge fault model to something less heavy (thank you polygon cruncher) and can work on the environment buildings. I will texture the fault later but in fact almost will be done in 2d post which will be faster and will look much better.

C&C welcome about the final camera angle.


Hi! That’s great! The very good idea! The main building is just stylish and it have the appearance keeping in memory. In my feelings, the fault must be more deep?! I look forward to seeing this progress! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Designed some time ago this road should work well here.


Continue like that mate… that works very good :thumbsup:


Thank you Lemong :love:

Youre right Sergey, the fault should have more depth, Ill post a render of the corrected one today. Thx for the kind words.


Just a short image to show how I`m placing the roads.
First a placement [1] Beacause there is levlel differences I had (like in real world) to dig into the surface [2] to have a clean path for the road [3].


As Sergey suggested I made the fault deeper… in fact I changed alot the bottom of the valley by adding irregular highs which looks much better now.

I also added few roads (highways) and a new base for the main building.


I think it is going to be wonderful when you are complete.Good luck with the contest.:eek: