Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


So, are you shaping the landscape with displacement map only? It looks very good so far… but I can imagine the compolaints from your computer :slight_smile:

Gladt to see you continue with this.


Thank you Gunilla to stop here, for the fault modeling I first created it by displacement and after changed it in a solid object which I could edit later. (save transformed in LW)


Hi. very interesting concept, great view. waiting for more. good luck man.:thumbsup:


Let`s start the main building.

I based its construction on four towers (green) connected with some tech elements (red) which will also serve as hanging gardens.

You have here a main floor element which I have to clone…


… to have a full tower.

On the right you have a simple box cutted to the shape. It will be used for the glass structure.

Beacause all will be transparent I have to design elements inside each floor like office desks, computers, people etc.

I have to put also lights inside… but beacause I`m rendering in radiosity I think simple luminous boxes will be enough.


Hello Nomad, very interesting job you’re doing… I’ll follow this closely too :slight_smile:


With hope this preview is readable… I modeled furniture and walls with four different sets. When I will clone the floors I will try to vary as much as possible those elements.

In red you have the pillars and a structure where goes cables and lifts.

Now I have to make the glass and a test render to see if my elements are visible and how much.


claudio_jordao & ali_rahimi_3d thanks alot for the support :slight_smile:


It took me some time but I have what I wanted: a full and varied interior.
Polycount 150k and it`s only 1/3 of the building heh


It`s maybe not looking spectacular but that shows the amount of details inside the building and it structure.

Next I will add the glass cover.


Hi Nomad,

That building looks promising. It really lends it self to a high resolution, high quality ray traced render. I don’t think many other people would have gone to the trouble of including so much detail.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Good Luck!


Thanks Hoju for those kind words. I`m always creating detailed models which my computer have a big pain to render :smiley:


It looks great, but are all of those detils realy important. I guess that the glass you gonna put on it has a reflective material, so are you really going to see all of the furniture inside. Love your valley, looks very promising…



Thanks to stopping here larsgehrt. Yes the details are importent beacause there will be light inside the building, the sun light will be low and the material will not be reflective at 100%.
The result will be maybe “delicate” but I hope enought interesting to catch the spectators eye and make him think “thers something in the building”.


I added the lighting in the interior of the building. It`s simple luminous planes which I placed randomly so you can see that some floors are less or more luminous.

Now I will add the glass and see the result.


I`m enought happy with this result to move forward… I have to focus next on the base of the building.
Also I have to start the design of all the other environment elements & smaller buildings.

Feel free to fire your comments.


that’s really Good…Really Good…i’m looking forward to see more from you
btw,yep, 1GB ram is not enough…but 512MB ram would do the Work:scream: :thumbsup:The less you got Ram,the less you’ll live:)


Thank you 3rd user :slight_smile: and yes 1gb is far not enough… but I have always something other to pay (for example bills :banghead: ) than upgrading my computer :shrug:


I had finally the time to make a high quality render of my building. So here it is :slight_smile:


nice buldings:thumbsup: