Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


The composition of the picture is nice. The biggest building has a strong presence, but I think he would be more impressing if it was closer to the camera. Then it would give a sensation of flying above the city.
It’s a great job, so keep it up!:thumbsup:


Thank you for your comment agou but I have to disagree about to putting the main building close to the camera beacause we will not see that it stands close to the fault which is importent for the story. It`s a monument builded to be bigger than the “forces of the nature”.


Im dropping a line to say good luck to all of you. Im taking now three weeks of longly awaited holidays :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Have fun and see you in October for more of my work for this challenge.

Bye for now.

end of transmission :smiley:


I’m architect, are you? The structure is very important. The building have a big basement, check or fix this.
I will check your thread. see.


ah uh oh… I didnt see this thread until I posted my fast concept, altough different its still very similar


Very interesting conceptual architecture… the town-planning project didn’t exite me at 100% at the back of your big tower, not sure about some orientation of some buildings… but still a very effective image !


You’ve got nice shapes going on, keep it up!



Back from long holidays I`m going back into this challenge soon. Stay tuned :bounce:

p4b10 thanks alot

jddog thx, well it`s just a prewiev, I will devlopp some more interesting buildings and enviornnment soon.

H N Phan well… my concept is one of the firsts on the biggining of the challenge… but we can have a different approach and style so this is not a problem…

romelalgo Im not an architect but I always wanted to be one (the maths killed me at school, beurk) I will work on the building to make it as real as possible. And Ill post some tech info of the internal structure and how it can be so big.


Back after a long break, I`m continuing on this concept.
I take a look on many architecture books and have a lot of ideas for this big building and for his environnment.
Stay tuned.


A fist try in the modeling of the fault, you can see on the right the displacement map image I used for.
The resolution of the grid is too small hovewer I have already 800k polygons :-/

I worked a little on the building in trying to get an interesting shape.


Nice environment!
I dont wanna miss your thread.


Next update of the fault model.

I splited it in two parts (you can see the jonction) with a higher def closer. My polygon count reached 2.5 million oO but the result is ok for me. Now I will refine the details and could start building the city.

Any comments are welcome.


Thank you adel3d for your kind words :slight_smile:


Hah! Only 2.5mil… Come on… bring the pain… Seriously tho Nomad, this is looking great so far, the fault really has a feel of being ripped apart… I can’t wait to see how far you can push this image:thumbsup:


Thanks for the support DaddyMack and yes “only” 2.5 mil :smiley:
I just pray that my computer will not explode when I`ll add another 2 mil for the buildings :eek:

With hope to finish with a cool image… when I`ll add few briges, add buildings and roads this will look more alive.


That seems very good… just 2.5 millions of polys… only for the fault… :argh: courage mate :thumbsup:


Very Cool…What’s ur Workstation? is it Realtime while your Working with 2.5M? i guess Not…i miss realtime even with adding 0.5M
Keep it up:thumbsup:


Merci Antoine,

Don`t worry, I should be able to split all this in few layers and could easilly render those millions of polygons separately :smiley:

3rd user thx, I have a Pentium4 2.4 GHz and the 2.5 mil poly are really NOT displayed in realtime hehe


i got 2.6Ghz but still,it’s Mainly the Ram…,mine 512…hehe


3rd user I have 1gb of ram and it`s far not enough for big 3d projects :sad:
but it learns optimisation and layer working :slight_smile: