Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


volvovella true, they will probably create something crazy soon, like a lift to the moon lol

yunisirees thx. dont think poly count, think layers… my overall polycount for my image for Grand Space Opera was around ten millon :argh: nobody can render that, it must be splitted in layers…


yeah true . and thats a lot :D!


I see thats impossible to start some buildings sketches without good refs…
For anyone who wants to create buildings I suggest to look first at this link: http://www.emporis.com/en/
It`s all about buildings :slight_smile:


That is madness if , your are going to model all of that stuff! You have 80 days to do it though, you probably can model faster than I can good luck to ya!:thumbsup:


beelow well I will model that in about 40 days… going soon to holidays… plus some work… yes that gives around 40 days for work on this :smiley: …this is not so complex and crazy than it looks…


Keep up the good work.

A river would look fantastic, with its mood and reflection etc.

PS: If you want to model a whole city, I found a good way to achieve this in a quick way with 3dsmax.

On this site there is a Tut on this subject => www.schloerb.com


starsoul thank you for your kind words and for the tutorial link, it could help hovewer I will not have always flat terrains but I will certainly gain some time… especailly for the background city… with less details.

And the river with a waterfall should look good here…


I’m an soon to be architect and I’m always interested in conceptual architecture, so I’ll follow Your work through this.

Right now I’m interested in the building You choose for reference help…it’s the building in bottom right corner. I have never seen this and it looks amazing, can You give me perhaps the link to that building? Thanks.


Ubik thanks for the comment, feel free to send any suggestions from your architect point of view. My architecture will be more conceptual than fonctional :smiley:

And here is a link to the building you asked http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=100934 browse throught this page to find more buildings


Thank You Nomad, the building reminds me of one of my faculty projects, thuogh mine was horizontal.
Anyway I can only admire this project from design standpoint, simply wonderful. This is light years ahead of what the rest of big tower architects are doing excluding mr. Santiago Calatrava.

… I simply can’t stop looking at it :slight_smile:


Youre welcome... Im a big fan of Calatrava`s works too :slight_smile:

Now I have to design this big building :arteest:I should find a really strong concept :banghead:


Just another concept to set the scale, you can see now roads and small red cars on it. At A4 format they will be enough readable.

I painted a new fault on a flat plane. It looks much better and realistic.

Also I added floors to the big building to see the scale… and reworked the light colors…

As always any comments are welcome


Oh, that camera angle works really well, coving both near and far effectively. You’ve got lots of work ahead with this plan though :scream:

Looking forward to see it evolve from here :thumbsup:


Thanks JamesMK, yes it looks that I already made the most importent: the image composition.
I`ll see how it works when the fault will be modeled with various high levels etc.

Fill all this “logically” with buildings will not be easy… I need a real architectural cityplan.


your right…my theme is close to yours:thumbsup: .your concept looks great good luck and i’ll keep looking to what your doing


One of the concept I thought. It’s gonna be a big job. Good luck.


authentic thanks, yes it will be a big work but I really need some good architecture in my portfolio :smiley: then I`ll do my best to create some cool buildings.

azaghot yes close theme but different approach… feel free to pick up in my refs… I`ll post probably many buildings references… I just saw a book of designs made by Renzo Piano…


Great update! I really like that camera angle and now you can really sense the scale of it… very good :thumbsup:


I would rough out the buildings… Basically stick a bunch of cubes to represent every last building… Get that done so you can focus on the details.

You have a ton of modeling to do… But I think this will be awesome when you are done!


Thanks guys, I`m glad you see thats taking good shape…

HammaJamma yes I will make building blocks in low poly then see which building will be interesting to place and where… I will really make a movie set with no useless modeling “out of the camera” :smiley: