Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


Looking very promising… The camera angle is much better and far more interesting!


looking really good man… but one thing do u think the earth near the clif can support a monument of that scale?.. but who knows mayb ur thinking of somwthing way ahead in the future when everything is possible… keep goin… ur looking good :thumbsup:


aweome concept. this would make a very good image. i’ll be watching


Hi, nice lighting and camera angle, it looks like sunset.
I think it works well for the environment.


i liek your idea its very true about humans always trying to be above ‘earth’ but we always realise at the end of the day the earth is way above us…nature is powerful so i’d really like to see how you use in your images natures strength and mans strength… very cool dude… looking forward to it


Really interesting idea, I will keep up with this forum holla!:thumbsup:


That seems to be a good idea with a spectacular view… :drool:


with th enew building the scale not is very expressive and dinamic !


jddog errr thanks but I don`t get… it is expressive or not?

Lemog merci, I would to have one day a spectacular idea too :smiley: this one is “just good” lol

beelow thx, feel free to visit anytime :bounce:

Neeno thank you, yes I`m thinking to put also few bridges to enhance the human presence

scorpion007 thx, yes it is… warm colors and long shadows works good here

joshcxa glad you like it, thx

overcontrast thx, I think the rock is just verry hard here so there is no problem about construction… fault forces was enough strong to crash this but you can now build on without risk… of course to the next earthquake :smiley:

HammaJamma thank you, hope this angle adds enough dynamics to the image… if not I will definitly add some planes passing… I have to build a movment in this composition


Well mate… “spectacular” also depend with the realization… in this challenge, we can’t see only originals ideas… Why ? our imagination only depend of our culture, skill… nothing to create… all to change :scream:


Lemog true true, Im just verry critic in all Im creating… and newer says “it`s great”.
But I will work hard to make this image as spectacular as possible :banghead:


Few refs… thats not exactly what I wanted but it`s a start. I think thers no big faults which “just emerged” in recent years… all are old and eroded.


Be inspired… thats on a company logo… err… but which one? :wink:


Armageddon on the morning… sounds great!!


Here is what I wanted, interesting camera angles and a global show of few cities. Verry inspiring.

This is the last references set, with hope those refs could serve not only to me…


Wow, these images are really giving a good idea of what it’s going too look like. Good luck man…:buttrock:


We can imagine the chaos… yerk :argh:


the_fgdf yes but this will take place long long after the earthquake, so no dead bodies and big explosions this time :smiley:

Jepster2005 I hope so… thank you

Lemog Chaos? not sure… cities are more like some biological cretures, they grow themselves without any “sense” but expansivley and everywhere… even on borders of faults :smiley:


a good concept can imagine the spectacular city scape ! cannot imagine the polycount hehe!


My imagination is running wild with your idea. I can not wait to see humanity defying nature yet again.