Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


Awesome job Man:thumbsup: Nice details. Congratulations for your final image Dude:applause: :applause: I have not been following your thread from the start but you have done a great job. Modeling, lighting
for everything:bowdown: :bowdown: . All the best for final judging and :beer:


Nice idea man, and great view to show of your idea, nice details. congrats and best of luck!!


hhssuu - madshooter thanks alot :slight_smile:


Really an impressive vision of a future… really a spectacular town and landscape… congratulations Maciej !!! :thumbsup: + :applause:


That seems really interesting, and true hehe he…we’re an other kind of ant …
Good luck my bro…


Sorry for not being active in your thread, but this time I had no time:) But you made it great without any suggestions:):slight_smile: so my congratulations and see you on the next challenge! I think I will start it earlier than this one:)
good luck!


jddog thanks alot :slight_smile:

anilduran thank you, yea we are a verry crazy specie able to build fragile structures around 700m high which any earthquake can drop down :shrug:

arturro wielkie dzieki !! that was been a while… from Grand Space Opera… hope to see you for the next one :beer: BTW I hate the army little capral… and I hopefully not did my service :smiley:


Wow what a great image. So much great detail.


Greetings buddy! Just came to wish you a good luck but when I saw the picture is all this stuff in your scene modelled? No photo or mattepainting? If so I’m amazed! It is a titanic work you done! :beer:


Hi Maciej , It is realy good work, I appreciate it. Good luck for you too.


Voytek - dziekuje bardzo :slight_smile:

antTON - thank you, and yes all is modeled :bounce: only the far background and the vegetation are matte paintings :smiley:

tAsty BITs - thank you, in aerial views detail is everything


Hi! The really great job! I like it very much! Congratulations! I wish you good luck and success in the next stage! :slight_smile:


Best of luck with your final image, I love it. The buildings look great (both the architectual design and the modeling), and they blend seamlessly into the landscape. Nice effects on the water as well. Alexi.


Hi very nice concept realized skillfully with a lot of detail :thumbsup: Good luck.


Nomad man, awesome image!
Those steep mountains, and what perspectives!
Looks like an image coming directly out of a movie.
I’d like to see this as a full wall poster, just to indulge all day into every little detail and get totally immersed into that scene…


evanfotis - thanks alot for such kind words, i`m glad you like my work :slight_smile: for the poster… well I can always post it at www.zazzle.com if you want :smiley:

Digital_Rebellion - thank you :slight_smile:

alexichabane - thank you Alexi, unfortunnely thats not water but fog… its readable only on close-ups.. Ill post some soon.

[color=cyan]Atris -[/color] thank you :slight_smile:


lol i got mistaken…thought this was your Journey entry…hahaha…but no…sorry
this is agreat image man…love all details to the city buildings…great work


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