Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


alvin_cgi thank you for your comment.

I hoped that more people will send some crits and comments… I`m feeling lonely :cry: have no C&C about my image which I will post as final image today.


We will always rebuild!

Even after a giant earthquake which killed millions and destroyed the city, humas rebuilded their town.
On the center of the destroyed city they builded an impressive skyscraper as a monument to show to mother nature that they will always rebuild!

the image shows a city rebuilded on the borders of a fault made by a recent earthquake. On the right stands a huge building builded as a monument on the memeory of the earthquake and to defy nature.

technical info:
Image size: 2832 x 3964 pixels (23,98cm x 33,56cm at 300dpi)
Photoshop full layered file size: 250MB
Polygon count: no idea… maybe around 5millons with only the fault around 700.000 polygons.
Render passes: around 10 with a fault alone, many building blocks, bridge, cars and two for the main big building.
The image tooks me around 17 days of full time work (from concept to final image) of course this was extended to three monthes of the contest period by working a hour or two a day.

Thank you to everybody who gived me a support and interesting critics & comments.
Good luck for all challengers!


really nice :slight_smile: well done… it´s a spectacular image… :bounce:


makaron thanks alot for your comment :bounce:


ENORMOUSCongratulations Maciej

It’s really spectacular and so fantastic… no words to really describe my own feeling… totally giant !! a very strong picture with strong story…

You already have a good place for the final judging step… good luck mate, I really appreciate your creation :bowdown:


yes, it really can hold your breath, congratulations and best wishes in voting :applause:


Merci beaucoup Laurent :wavey:
Thanks alot for your warm support all along this contest :bounce:and for your last words about my final image. My the judges hear you :smiley:

(o)ne thank you for your kind words, I`m glad you like my final image :slight_smile:


Hey Nomad… your image looks awesome, great level of detail, great models, great lighting… well, you’ve made another great work here. Good luck.


WOA !! :surprised :eek: :drool:

Awesome work here !
Truely gorgeous picture man…

Congratulations , and all my best wishes for you !:thumbsup:



This is an amazing image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: , great job and good luck


Congra! you finished the work .That is nice .
Wish you luck in the final!:thumbsup:


great work Maciek :slight_smile: !


kannu tuck mmoir Zapan claudio_jordao

Thank you alot for your kind words :slight_smile:


It’s my wallpaper today! -> musze coś dodawać;) Great work congrats -cheers


the_fgdf thanks alot :bounce:


cool name .and cool buildings,it should be a huge work to do,congrats that you finished it
good luck dude:)


Spectacular and very well done, love the blues colours, gooooood luck man


what the…XXX

what’s your computer memories?
and software equipments?

anyway, nice job:thumbsup:


[b]Congratulations Maciej!!

[/b]This really turned out a breathtaking sight! Good luck with the jury :thumbsup:


Michael Chang - ilusiondigital - Gunilla thanks a lot for your warm words and congratulations:bounce:

kreuz thank you, my computer have 2GB of RAM and I`m working on Lightwave. All the secret is to split the renders in multiple layers (front buildings, center buildings, background buildings etc.)