Spectacular 3D Entry: Maciej Frolow


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Latest Update: Final Image: We will always rebuild!


Yes!! This challenge theme rocks!!

Good luck to all!


good luck Nomad


Best wishes for you Maciej… (and very nice online portfolio) :buttrock:


the best thank you

merci laurent antoine glad to read that you like my portfolio :slight_smile:


the best of luck for you !!:bounce:


Powodzenia! ładna stronka btw. I hope It’s going to be as good as pieces from your portfolio


Smooth-Criminal thanks alot

the_fgdf dzieki… I hope this will be much better than what I have in my portfolio :smiley:


powodzenia w bitwie :slight_smile:
pozdrowienia z wroclawia :slight_smile:


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kannu dzieki :thumbsup:

coCoKNIght thx dude to have an eye on my thret, hope you`ll like it :smiley:


Ok let`s start with this idea, imagine that the San Andrea Fault collapsed and “the big one” come… the scene will show how the earthquake was big and how humans rebuided the area 30 years after. A monument skyscraper stands close to the fault.

Anyway it`s a start… any comments warmly welcomed.


This will be more readable, my drawing talents are… inexistenet :wink:

Now you can see the scale of the monument/building (700m hight) which shows that humans wants always to defiy the nature and “show her” they will always rebuild after her`s attacks.

I have to find a good angle and an interesting fault shape to make feel the scale and make this a really spectacular shot.


The sight of the shifting plates sure would be spectacualar. Looks like your 3D comp is quite good as well. Keep it comign :slight_smile:


Thanks Yongkiat for the kind words.

I still thinking which camera angle I have to use, the aerial view looks more interesting but the view from down shows maybe better the scale… :shrug: any suggestions?


Hi Maciej! I think your concept looks really good so far - it’s quite hard to get a feel of the size of the monument right now but I’m sure when you add some people it will be much more impressive.
Difficult choice of the camera angle… I think the left is more dramatic and the right is more in harmony… I suggest you try it out later when you got more in place. I like the lighting you got so far - this can become really stunning:thumbsup:


The framing, shadow and light, contrast will really determine how this one turns out. I love the concept. I would consider putting the camera at a skewed angle.


very interesting concept ! very proising landscape and situation !


[color=cyan]jddog thanks a lot :slight_smile:

HammaJamma[/color] thx, I will make that scene at dusk/dawn mood with high contrasts, long shadows, light in windows etc… For the camera angle thanks for the suggestion, maybe I`ll try some helicopter skewd view :curious:

Gunilla thank you, glad to read you like this idea, the size of the monument will not maybe be soo huge … I want that we can see some cars in the forground at readable size…

Also I`m thnking about few waterfalls which could look great on few sides…


I have experimented with many camera angles and I think this one is interesting… I will have much more to model (an entire city in the background) but this makes the challenge better :slight_smile:

I will improve alot all the fault beacause it not looks always verry clear.

I`m thinking also about few planes passing on the forground… mabe with some smoke like for a national anniversary… maybe the opening of this big building…