Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Some great looking updates here, Lombardo!¨
I’m really fond of the desaturated look … goes very well with the mood. Like it a lot so far - Giant Bonsai, this is going to be great :thumbsup:


well done,i like your story , convincing you know, someone from hollywood should give you a call.:wise:


impressive you last post with details :eek: excellent image, mood, colors and details, congrats !


Thankz for replies! :beer:

Lemog–> Thankz for support my friend, yes 12.000.000 become really difficult to work on it. But Hope this night this part will be finished. And i launch the render…

JamesMK–> Thanks for reply! and oh sorry but what does it mean “once you get into tweak mode”… :blush: i didn’t find translation… :blush:

Gunilla–> I’m happy you like it my friend, thanks a lot! :beer:

shemosus–> Hehe, i hope you right, i need a job! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for post!

jddog–> Thanks my friend! :slight_smile:

Thankz again all for replies and support! :beer:


UN GRAND BRAVO à SIMON TRES BON TAFF , je suis impressionner du rendu et du boulot, J espere que tu aura la coupe de cg talk tu le merite :buttrock:



• Wow Lombardo! your tree is looking very cool, i like the details, good job! :thumbsup:


nice magic beans :smiley:


Hi all, here’s an update no change for the background now, just the middle plan added. Not finished yet, i’ve add some building, and i’ve done the ground. Must adjust the building on the right, his roof is too white. And i thinks i must scale the little building on the left, to make it bigger, what do you think?
I want to add some part of the tree too, more building, and a part of the road.
Some adjust on toshop to see where i want to go, hope you like it.

Lot of work to do! :slight_smile:


Here a shoot of details. Not yet finished.


Michel, Omar and Nemirc thankz for replies my friend! :beer:


Woaa, amazing lighting/texturing job, did you use hdri to get this result? If not, i request some infos !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, keep it up comme on dis :thumbsup:
Can’t stand to see the character


Looks amazing, Lombardo!
No crits at this point - I like every part of it - the mood is excellent :thumbsup:

Now, keep running and you’ll get there :beer:


Fantastic Simon, you’re working as a fool… it’s very very beautiful… really speechless… winning matter here… congratulations… go go go… finish that in time please :thumbsup: :beer:


I do think the building on the left should be bigger


go see a doctor…sickoo:surprised …honestly…u r insane:beer:


Hi all, thankz for replies,

Goul—>Thankz! No it’s not hrdi, i don’t know this method, it’s a kind of texture, isn’t it? For me all whas made with 3d Studio Max 5, and render with Brazil, exept some part, all is procedural texture, mixed with mask, i’ll try to post soon to explain. But i work color and mood a lot in 'toshop. :arteest:

Gunilla—> Thanks my friend, see your post motive me a lot to work! And hope one day we can drink a beer together! :beer:
Lemog—> Hehe, and you’re welcome too Laurent to drink some beer :beer:, thanks for support, hope i can finish at time, i’ve “quasi” finished the second plan, add road, and some stuff, adjust other, i think i must now work on character, because, i’m not character’s specialist! :cry:
And i know it will be the more difficult part. Never finished a human characters, so it’s the real challenge for me!

nemirc—> Thanks for help, i will make it bigger!! :slight_smile:

nebezial—> lol Thankz for support! And your tutorial is really amazing, good work!! :thumbsup:

Thankz all for replies, saty tuned, update this night i thinks, and for sure, you’re all welcome in belgium to drink some beer!! :beer:


Hi all,
The adjustement of the second plan is ok, i must do render. So i begin to modelise character, i must go more fast.
Here’s a start shoot, really hard. Not sure if it’s the good way. And i’m really a novice in characters modeling, i never finish an human… it’s a really good challenge, but i have a question, i don’t know if i must modelisate the cloths in the same mesh, or adding by reactor, i never use cloth dynamic, it’s hard? Which is the better way? Any crits and comment are welcome.


Fantastic dude:thumbsup: awesome texturing and lighting. No crits on the character for now because you have just started, well my suggestion is keep an image or a sketch in the background as reference. Keep going my friend you are doing a great job:bounce:


I think you should soften the hip a little :slight_smile:

As for the clothing, I think it depends on what you are going to model.


et koi sim ??ça avance?
we want see the girl!!:arteest: