Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Hello Lombardo,

Nice tree. This will look fantastic when finished, keep this way :thumbsup:


Very nice tree:thumbsup: You have already Started to rock dude hehehe…:scream:
Great progress:thumbsup:


Great concept, Go for it!


Hi all, ok here is a new render, begin of the ground, no building for now, just the ground, test of texture. I start also the background with some photos i’ve take in Sicily, just a start. I think i must change my light position in the 3D scene…
It’s a mix with toshop. Missing a plan between the second one with the 2 building, and the one with the tree…
Trying to ajust the color, looking for a good mood…

C&C are welcome. :slight_smile:


huya SuperXCM
very nice work man! like the colours and mood ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: !
cheers and waiting for more great uodates!


Hi all!

Thankz for replies, it help me to stay motived!! :arteest:

nemirc—> You’re welcome in this new city, all is good, all his natural, and we have some good beer! :twisted:

tuck—> Your entry is incredible, amazing texture, and style! Thanks for post!! I hope it will be!

3rd user—> Thankz!!:slight_smile:

Lemog—> Yes i must detailled the roots, i want to try zbrush for the details… to learn something else, i start to play with displace map and it’s really cool, it give me some new possibilities. Thanks for support! :slight_smile:

Gunilla—> I’ve used a soft called Tree Broadleaf studio to make 3 littles groups of leaves differents, it’s really easy, and lot of parameters can be adjust, can also import different leaf, it can export in 3DS format, so it’s easy to distort and change some part in max. So i’ve duplicate, distort and place these groups to make all the leafs. I must adjust again some part. And yes, i want to stay in this low saturation… but perhaps let see some more colored part. Perhaps for the character. Thanks my friend! :beer:

romainf—> Omg! Hi Rom, i’ve see you enter the challenge too, but nothing new, i’ll be watching, post your sketch, give us something “Spectacular”!! :wip: Thanks for post man, you know i’m crazy, and i want to learn a lot in this challenge, trying some new stuff… :arteest: … and thanks for your idea, it can be cool, i must do some test.
Let’s go Rom, i’m waiting for your post!

Nomad—> Hi! Thanks for support man!

madshooter—> Thankz my friend!! Stay tuned i’ll post new update soon!

gpashkov—> Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hope you like the news update!
Thankz again all for replies! :blush:


Great progress my friend, colors… picture… really pleasant.

If you keep this framing… tree foliage must be large… more present… more visble, more spectacular too :thumbsup:


Hi all, here’s an update, the background only for now, adjust a little the ground, add some building, and begin the tree textures, for now it’s not finished, i would like to use zbrush, but i’ve got some probs. The leafs is always the same render, place on 'toshop. Didn’t got time to do the render again.
Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Yunisirees and Lemog thankz for replies! :bounce:

Lemog, right about the leaf, i’ve adjust it, but must do the render. I’ll try to do it this night.

Thankz for support! :beer:


Here a shoot of details. :slight_smile:


:eek: Amazing, Great progress:thumbsup: Very nice colours, looks like as if I’m seeing some kind of a fantasy movie dude:)
Keep rocking dude:buttrock: Waiting to see more, always hungry hehehehe…:smiley: :bounce:


Pretty cool stuff there dude.


Really impressive Simon… whaouw… I adore much your pictures… and especially the mood… very pleasant and imaginative…

just waiting for more… so beautiful… tu fais vraiment du bon boulot… finally… you have made a real good choice to change your concept and story for this one… which come very impressive and spectacular… very good work… receive my :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


It’s an incredible work with interessant concept. Nothing to crit a t this time.


fantastic pice of detaile mate … welldone :applause:


waaaw the details are very impressive !! nice work here keep go keep po’:buttrock:


whoaa…it has the colour palette of advent children and a tree of final fantasy 9…lol just kiddin…so whats the topic here Ygdrassil reborn or? well whatever it is its frickin awesome…and the polycount is breathtaking


Hi all,

madshooter, SONIC-X, authentic, visualact.com and Jab’ thankz for replies! :blush:
I 'll try to post update soon! :wip:

Laurent, thanks for support, it’s cool to know that you like i’ve change my concept.
Hope to post soon the new leaf. :beer:

nebezial, thankz for post, yes i’m a really great fan of the Final Fantasy from the beginning and it’s was after look the movie FFAC that i’ve change my concept. This movie and a post of Gunilla give me the feeling to make something “bigger”, in desaturate color (also if i want to make some part with more saturation, like clouds and character). It’s make me happy that you already find this influence in my pictures! :arteest:
I’ll explain all in a post before.
And the topic can be called “The return of the Huge Bonzaï”, it’s what i would to to show, something spectacular! :cool:
Thankz for support!

Thankz again all for replies!! :beer:

PS: Oh and the polycount is a little more than 12.000.000 poly for this part of my image… and my computer become crazy! :cry:


There’s few time I saw the movie which inspire you for your new story… and I understand you without prob… very beautiful mood… :thumbsup:

…12 000 000 p :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: hahaha tu fas pas les choses à moitié…:argh:


Yoinks… 12 mill… eeep… Aside from that, the detail renders look beautiful. The full scene doesn’t quite work yet, but I have no doubt it will eventually, once you get into tweak mode.

Great stuff here, Lombardo.