Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


I was wondering where you had been. I hope you will soon be with us :beer:


Hey, come back soon dude. Really looking forward to some updates. Hope all your problems are resolved ASAP. Good luck once again.


Oh dear - hope it’s nothing seriuos and that you will be back soon. It would be great to see this one finished, best of luck with the family affair :thumbsup:


Hi all!
Thanks for warm support!
I’m back in Belgium, all prob resolve, and a supa-belgian-beer in my hand, i’m ready to go on with this challenge, nothing else to do, so i can work on it now!! :beer:
To answer, 'cause last post i haven’t got enough time…

yes it wil be a girl, i’m sure now, and i’ll use the car, for sure, i’ve start a second one, when i was doing the last concept, and i will finish it, just need shaders an adjustement. I’ll post soon.

Lot of work to do, but when i was in sicily, i’ve take lot of photoz, and i’ve seen lot of building, so i’ve my brain full of ideas and inspiration.

Stay tuned my friends!! I’ll update soon! :wip:


Glad to see you back :bounce:


Great thing that u’re back, dude! Go run thru those beer-crates like a Great White Shark, power up and deliver! YEAH! :beer:


Welcome back lombardo :thumbsup:


Yeah, supa dupa Lombardo is back:bounce: :bounce: and now will start series of awesome updates:)

Welcome back dude:thumbsup:


Nice to see you here Simon :thumbsup: I’m waiting the next steps of your spectacular scenery :bounce:


Oh I didn’t come back to this thread since a long time and it have really change.

Your neuw concept can be really great and the modelisation of the broken buiding is cool. Waiting to see more for more crits.

good luck.


I say soon is now! What’s happening here, any new updates coming?



Hi all!

Ok update comes today for sure, sorry for late, i’ve finished the modeling of the tree but i’ve got problem with the leaf… too much to do, i’ve try with textured plane, but i don’t like it, i’ve try with particules, but some probleme with brazil, so finally, i’ve place all leaf modelisate.
I’m waiting for render now, the last one (only the second plan with the tree - 4.600.000 poly ) take 7h40 to finish… :wip:
So i let my computer rendering, and i don’t disturb it. I’m rendering the forground for now, when it’s finished, i’ll post the mix do in 'toshop. :arteest:
I’ve start character too, but don’t like it. It’s very hard to modelisate…

I’ve received the Book from Ballistic/ “D’artiste Matte Painting”… it’s incredible, and open for me a new possibility, to make this city. I think i will use some photo i’ve take in Sicily, for the sky and for the city. I must do some test. I think it can work, and i will learn a lot. :bounce:
Thankz for support my friends!! :beer:


Hi, ok here’s an update, tree modeling finished for the top i think perhaps adjust leaf at some part, but the base is there. Now must work on the bottom, and make growing the “racine”, but i need to make the ground before, to see where i must go.
Some adjust on 'toshop, don’t know really where i’m going…just test, changing everytime my mind… lot of work. i’ll post a details view of the tree in next post.

C&C are always welcome!


Details for the tree, no adjust here, just like coming from max.


“Hey Lombardo, is that big brother’s city? You think they will give us a big welcome?”



Hi! SuperXCM

Thanks for visit my entry!
Your texture is cool. and I think it is going to be wonderful when you are complete.:eek:


That’s Superb Progress…Really Great,Keep it up:thumbsup:


That’s great Simon… your tree (and especially leaves) is fantastic… just for the moment roots appear as “too much tube…” but I’m sure you will add more details on these…

I like the pre-mood you give to your picture… I can feel your inspiration here… very good mate :thumbsup:


Great updates, Lombardo - worth waiting for :thumbsup:

Are you saying you modeled the leaves for the thread?! It looks incredible - very good.
Will you stay low on saturation for this? It looks well in the comp.


Hi sim !

You crazy belgian one ! you had a neat starting concept but decided to change because of another vision of yours, well, i know you love the word challenge, so, all your wishes are fullfilled now !

About your “attack of the giant bonzai”, looks promising so far, but oh man, this is a spectacular amount of work to do… immense task !! but i know you’re not afraid of anything :wink:

Imho, you’ll need a lot of details to make all this epic, more buildings and so on, maybe some idea to “lighten” the task and your cpu’s health would be to add a sea around your city ? A “dirty” trick to ease your task maybe. I’ve got a picture in my head, where neither the city background nor the woman would be needed, so you could concentrate on the “smaller” city and tree. I see the city to the left and the sea to the right from a “cloud” “3/4” point of view with one root coming straight at your point of view.

Well, just ideas… enough said, i still must think about my concept…

Thanx for having “convinced” me to participate too and keep up the good work !!