Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Hi all, here’s an update, new building add, and begin of texturing… empty, but, the others building are coming!
Coloring on photoshop.


Here’s details for the building 02 textures… not yet finished…


JamesMK, Gunilla and suk-grigorij, thanks for support!!:buttrock:

It’s good to read that you like it!! :beer:


Yeah, i like the layout a lot.

Un wip avec un univers post apocalyptique, ca fait toujours plaisir :bounce:


nice update sxcm!! great render & very nice textures composition looks great too! keep po’


I like the building especially the texture work .There’s a lot work before you. Beer to you for being so brave and changing concept- cheers


I watched the movie yesterday and it rocks! :beer:
Too bad the story was so lame… well, as someone said, you can’t expect a 90minute movie to be as good as the 60 hour game.

If that’s a city around the tree how about you make a big wall around it. Something like a city protecting the tree :smiley: … now if you added pointy blond hair to the character that would be cool :buttrock:


cool update dude:thumbsup: Nice textures, waiting for your next step:)


Hi all,

thanks for replies! :bounce:

Goul—> Thanks man! Ouep, post-apo, mais la vegetation va reprendre le dessus! :bounce:

Jaba153—> Thankz Jab’ for support, your work is fantastic i like a lot!:buttrock:

the_fgdf—> Thanks man, i hope i’ll get enough time!! Beer for all to finish this challenge! :beer:

madshooter—>Thanks my friend, i’ll post soon a new building and the beginning of the tree, hope this night. :thumbsup:

yeah for sure for the story, but i think they keep the “game spirit”…as they can…
For the wall, it’s a good idea, i’ll note it! And for the character, first i think same… but now i would like to make a girl… still hesitate :arteest:
Thanks my friend for support!



I’ve been away for a few days and you’re changing the world already! :slight_smile: Man, I’ve missed out on so much because of studies… Nice work with the building. Now time to see what else you’ve cooked up. I’m sure they’re spectacularrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! YEAH! Remember the deal regarding Belgian beer? That inspired me so much… now I’ve got some idea now to get started with my challenge entry! Thank you :slight_smile:


Very nice update, I like the textures on the building. Very convincible.


radical changement, but very cool concept and progress. :wip:


So, have you decided for the character yet? A girl sounds cool :slight_smile:

Any updates soon? :bounce:


I just dunno why, but your picture looks very “alive”. I like it VERY much, and the longer I look at it the more I like it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Looks absolutely awesome!!! I love it… perhaps you should add some more debree :), but otherwise looks fab. Keep it up!


Updates please:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Hi all!!!

Sorry for late, and sorry but i must be fast, i’m in Sicily, and must turn 10 days to find a connection, i’m here for family affair since the 1 october, and i don’t know when i come back to belgium. thankz all for support, i hope i can come back soon. and continue this challenge, sorry to not support you in your thread, and don’t follow your progress… i have lot of problem to resolve here.

Anyway good luck all, hope to see you soon…you miss me a lot.

See U



Whooahh SuperXCM… That’a a great shot you’re putting together… The angles and scaling really work for me:thumbsup::thumbsup: I think you will walk away from this challenge with a truly compelling image… Good luck!


Great work SuperXCM!

I like alot the tree idea.
You can always “recycle” your pretty car and put it somewhere in the forground…


Well my friend, I hope you solve your probs quickly and you come back with us soon… :wavey: