Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Ok here the new concept skecth, the tree in background, in the middle of a huge city devasted by war… this tree growning to the foreground, i think i will put my car in foreground, recovert by the tree… and a character sit on it… lot of work, but i think it can be more spectacular, and it’s something i can’t do… so for me is a real challenge… the difficulty i think it’s to feel that the tree are really huge… but 75 days, 6hours, 34 minutes and 11 seconds… it’s a lot of time!!

C&C are welcome!!


Well… it seems like a pity to throw this great start away, I think. Perhaps you could try a combination. If you have the tree breaking the building in the background ( maybe just the left side) and the city could be seen through the hole - that way the car could have entered through the crack. I really like the stairs… it could perhaps be the entrance of a buliding instead of inside…?
It’s certainly a turnaround in concept, but knowing you I think you could pull it off with that splendid style of yours :slight_smile: Good luck, I will follow for sure.

EDIT: Oh, I see you posted your new concept while I was typing… I’ll have to take a look :thumbsup:


Hi Gunilla, thanks for reply,

I think i can use the object i did for last concept, perhaps transform the huge hall in a building break in the city, opened to the staris inside, and the car will be in the front i think, i must do some test… always hesiting… thanks for reply and support my friend. :beer:


Hi :). Well the new concept and idea is great too… even better… Now when you twist the camera a bit and put the car near it it’ll look super cool :). I think the city is going to be the hard part, so one suggestion - make about 10-15 building and spread them around, but what makes citys are the special buildings like museums etc… so 10-15 standard and 10 not standard should be more than enough :). Anyway keep it up!


This one looks like Kaena: The prophecy :beer:

It’s a shame you threw away the other concept. The good thing is that we are still early in the challenge so you have plenty of time to finish :deal:

Good luck on your new concept.


Well… I think it’s your choice… and I understand a little your “special” feeling after seeing this movie… I don’t know it but I just go to see the Website of it, and effectively, pictures are very beautiful and so, very inspirating…

Your new subject will be certainly more clear to depict… but maybe you can do something as Gunilla explain… a big aperture on your concept… and around, some pieces of the dark buildings… but only 5 to 10% of the picture… a contrats of the past, buildings…they are grey… with this growin’tree… in colored hopin’country… maybe a good solution to keep a feet in your previous idea… and to take a new way nevertheless.

In any case… If you change totally… the new concept is very interesting too, certainly more… with this opening on the best and the beauty :thumbsup:


hei SuperXCM a change of background eh … looks promising and a more of a good breathing space :thumbsup:!
cheers man looking forward to the new developments!


This new concept also looks promising to me:thumbsup: If you have finally decided to work with this concept, then go for it dude:) still you have plenty of time, also you can use some of the previous models in your scene.

All the best for this new concept :thumbsup:


The huge tree concept is very cool at any rate - hard to find the best way to present it apparently… but as I tend to think: if the idea is great, there’s always some way to make it look fantastic. Good luck deciding :thumbsup:


woahhhhhhhh bro that car really rocks :wink: really great I cant wait to see the scene finished


Cool new concept, seems to bit more difficult to do, put could be also spectacular :slight_smile:

Good luck mate :slight_smile:


Hi all!!
Ok here’s my new concept 3D sketch, no good light, no textures, and …omg a lot of modeling to do!!

But now i see where i’m going… so i decide to go on with this one…

Hope you like it!


Nice concept dude:thumbsup: will you be adding more buildings in your actual scene. Looks promising to me.:slight_smile:

I guess you will be adding some more elements to your scene so that it dosen’t looks empty

Waiting for updates dude:bounce:


Hi all thankz for replies and support!! Sorry for the late answer…

Borro—>Thanks for support my friend… you’re right for the camera view, look at my last update, i thinks it can be cool, for sure i will adjust but it can help to understand what i want to do…
Thanks too for your suggestion, it help me a lot, and i’have already a good way to follow,help i understand how i can realise my pictures. Thanks man! :arteest:

nemirc—> Hi! yes i know Kaena, but i think it will be more like FF7 advent children (not so perfect…), i want something desaturate, gray, something with more city, mechanical view… perhaps put some ship or why not the robots i’ve modelisate, huge and crash in the city:rolleyes: … Thanks for support my friend!! Good luck too! :bounce:

Lemog—>Hi Laurent, thanks for support, FF7 AC is for me the best thinks i’ve seen in 3D movie, perhaps because i’m a old fan of the FF’s games… and i have been a little disappointed when i see the first one ( “[color=white]Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” [/color]), this one is better, not so realist with the characters…"si tu as l’occasion n’hésite pas à le regarder, je trouve que ça a le mérite d’être vu ne serait-ce que pour la façon de filmer, les ambiances, les scenes d’actions, la façon dont ils ont réussit a rendre quelque chose d’immense… enfin bref j’ai adoré…:love: "

And as you can see in my last update, i go on with this new concept sketch, doing like Gunilla saied, it’s a good idea, but i really want to prove myself, i want to make something i can’t make, to learn a maximun, and if i can’t finish it for the challenge, i’ll post it in this forum when it’s done! :beer:

yunisirees—>Thanks for supports! I hope to post soon more update!! :thumbsup:

madshooter—>I go on with this concept! I’ve already place the previous modeling in the scene, but not sure if it’ll stay there. I hope i’ll get enough time! Thanks for reply my friend! :bounce:

JamesMK—>Thanks for support my friend! Yes it will be hard to give the feeling that it’s huge… lot of work…:banghead:

Divaise—>Thanks! I think you must wait a long time… :cry: … but i will finish it!!

Goul—> Thanks man!! Yes, more difficult, but it can be more spectacular!

Here is a like for the 3D concept in hd : http://www.superxcm.com/talk/spectacular/highnocolor.jpg

Thanks again all for replies!! :beer:


Hi madshooter!! Thankz for reply!

yes for sure i’ll add more and more building and elements in my scene, playing with the ground too, and making a new huge tree, with a lot of part in the scenes, and coming near the camera… for now is empty… but i’ll adjust that!! :wip:

Thanks for support! :beer:


Shut up mate… you finish it… your new concept is incredible anf fantastic, I love so much your visualization… you finish, but you finish in time…

…stop occupying you of your wife, your child, and your house, and works ! :scream: :bounce:


Hi Laurent!

thanks for this warm support!! I appreciate it (just word?)…" heureusement que tu es là! Je te remercie du soutien! :beer:"
I will finish it in time… no wife, no child, no job, and …oh yes a big big house, but not alone! I can do it! :wip:


The new concept is really good - very nice composition :thumbsup:



Yes indeed - it looks very good, now we can see the hugeness of the tree. Go on, you can do it :wip::beer:


Great update. Perfect choise of prespective, i’d say. Real good modelling too. Good luck, dude.