Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


The vehicles is very crazy dude. I liked the design. Good luck :thumbsup:


Here details for the cars, test for shaders, but, too much “clean”, in the pictures, it will be more damaged.

Here an link for an Hd pictures :


Hope you like it!


Lotus7—> Thanks man, yes i hope too!

denverbz—>Thanks! I hope it’s the good way.

thanks for support! :beer:

here the direct link for the hd, in the last post it doesn’t make the link :


Hope you like it. I’ve inspirated by old chevrolet. But i’ve modified and add some specials touchs, to give it an another style. :arteest:


My goodness you are fast! I don’t even comprehend how it is possible to get that much done ALREADY! And very nice stuff too. Keep going!


Good… now, scenery appear better with new position of the car, sure ! witha appropriate lilghting… much better.

About your funny car, now that I see it better, just a little disturb me a little… the windshield seem very flat and with too much hard angle… just certainly a personal taste, and not something very objective I think… good continuation… keep your hand on :scream:



waawn crazy car and super shaders…the composition it’s also much better kipgo!


:eek: wow that’s a car !
looks a little bit like that old bat mobile :thumbsup:


Great concept - apocalypse, aliens, Gaya, kickass car… u got it all happening. Which beer does the trick? (hey I know you’re talented, just kidding ok?) u must send a six pack so that I can get started with my spectacular entry :slight_smile: Stella Artois for a start? Anyway, good luck :slight_smile:


Yes - new placement for the car much better - it has better focus on the tree now. And the car… normally I’m not the kind to drrol over cars but this one - I want to have it :twisted:

I knew it would be fun watching you work, just keep going :slight_smile:


Hi all, here is an update some new elements, ground …and an ugly photoshop color test… “à l’arrache” like we say in french…
Just to try to find the way, first i would like to get light from the high but now, i think it will be more spectacular if the light come form ground, a “open” ground, destruct by the tree.
Any C&C are always welcome!


Hi all! :wavey:

gardogg, Jab’, jddog thanks all for support and replies!! :buttrock:
Lemog Gunilla, yes now i think it’s better for the car, thanks for help!!

I’ve change the light in the last post, and looking now at the previous post (with the light form the top) i hesitate, i don’t know wich is better, in one way, the tree is more view entierly (not sure if the good word :blush: ), in the second way, the “spectator eyes” look more the ground, break by the tree, and open to some strange light… it’s two different way…
I must make some test… :arteest:

Hahaha thanks man! It’s belgian beer, here we are near Jupille, so we drink a lot (too much? :rolleyes: ) of Jupiler, but there is a few of different style of beer… like St-Feuillien or Kriek… hum…:drool:
Anyway, you’re welcome to drink some of them if you come in Belgium!!
Or if you can’t come, i send pack to you, no problem! :beer:

Thanks all for support!!


the scene is coming out nicely! the color scheme me thinks cool! but the bright spots distracts me too much, the scene arrangement better! cool work man!


The idea to put the mains light source from the bottom is interesting, but it mask a bit the tree (bottom overlighted, top overdarked) wich is the main element of the scene. You need to add more contrast to your scene. :wink:

Heeee just have antoher beer to find the right lighting setup! Ca marche pas que pour les idées cette technique :smiley:

Et la pécheresse dans tout ca?


Hi Simone, I checked your concept, and I have some advices.

The tree is in a extreme perspective, maybe could to make bigger the top area.

Your scene is very dark, and the tree lost in that.
Perhaps break the roof for the light entrance. Maybe rays from the top.

Good luck.

And one question. Why you put a car in the building? The car is good but is not logic.


Hello there :wavey: So that’s the car. I like it. It has that retro look that makes it very cool.

Your scene is very dark, and the tree lost in that.
Perhaps break the roof for the light entrance. Maybe rays from the top.

I have to agree. I find it very difficult to see the tree… to tell the truth, I can’t even see the tree! :curious:


Wow that car looks hoooot :eek:. The scene is coming up great. I love the hot colors :slight_smile: and the cracks… But I think more steps should be visible, I mean not from the bottom, because the first time I saw the pic I asked myself what the swirling thing around the tree is… Well thats all from me. Keep it up.


Your Car now gets more attractive simon, But I have to say something , It’s better to spend your time on main subject, If background gets detailed makes composition hard to undersatnd,
And main object will gone.


Scene is getting better & better Dude:) The car looks great with those vibriant colours

Nice job:thumbsup:


Cool story, mate. Maybe it’s already a time to stop smoke sh#t. How long did it take to envent such a novel? Anyway, I like it. Waiting for updates.

Good luck.


Hi all!

yunisirees, Goul, romelalgo, nemirc, Borro, bahman, madshooter, suk-grigorij thanks a lot for the support and replies! :bounce:

I’ve did lot of test, but nothing give what i wanted…trying with mental ray, brazil, changing light, position… i don’t have something i like… :banghead:

romelalgo—> The car is cause it was in this huge hall that we store the old cars.

suk-grigorij—> not a lot of time, this idea was on my brain since a long time… :beer:

But, i don’t post update as you see… because i hesitate a lot in my concept… i’ve seen a amazing movie yersterday… Final Fantasy Advent Children, and waouwwww… simply amazing… this movie give me something strange, i want now to make someting in exterior, something i don’t know if i can do… something i never try… and i think the challenge is a good place to try this. want to make a scene more lighter, in middle of the day.
I was thinking and looking at my thread, read again some post… thinking…:arteest: … and then i read this :

OMG… Gunilla, you’re right!!

So i’ve decided to re-start my challenge, i’ll create my scene more far in my story… i wanted to create this huge tree when he has reach the Earth surface and create a new environnement… this tree in the middle of a destrcut and old landscape. I’ll post the concept sketch soon. I thinks i’ve enough time to restart, if i do it fast.

Not sure for now, just hesiting… :shrug:

What do you think? :blush: