Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Hi all! Here is an update, with the base of the tree and the first car, not good light for now, and i’ll change the position of the car… I must add now, the complex part of the tree…

Hope you like it, i’ll post the car details now.


Here’s the first car details. And a test for shaders, not yet finished, just test.


Hi all, thanks for replies!! :bounce:

Gunilla—>Thanks for reply … i like this challenge for that, learning from each other…on all thread…
I’ve place simple ornaments in the last update, i think it’s better too.
You’re always welcome and not only for beer…thanks for support my friend :beer:

Lemog—>Hi my friend, yes it’s for sure a common point, “mais c’est normal, on est influencé par ceux dont on aime le boulot, et comme tu sais j’adore ce que tu fais!! D’ailleurs j’adore la façon dont chacun de tes travaux represente une vraie idée et une vraie recherche réflechie en plus d’etre bien réalisé!!”
Yes i want to finish this work, or the symbol of "Aftermath00". Thanks for support my friend. :slight_smile:

madshooter—>Thanks!! You’re always welcome for critics and help my friend, no problem!! :buttrock:

yunisirees—>Thanks again!!! Thanks for this help!:bowdown:

nemirc—>Thanks for support!! I’m waiting to see update man!! Keep going! :bounce:


wowow i’m gona read this all someday, instead of just quickly dropping by…
looks amazing… really fun looking design… this is bound to be great :thumbsup:



• Hey, that’s a nice car you got there! and even the test shaders look ok, If you keep like this, u r gonna have plenty of time to fine tune details :thumbsup:


Nice vehicle!

I’m scared, challenge is getting harder!

Good luck!


You are very fast… great progress… have 80 day left… ehehhehehe


Ok, here is an update, start the complex part of the tree in the front, but not finished yet. try to deform a little the ground… Lot of thing to do, adjust the tree on the left part, modelise second car, but first, i think i must adjust light, for now is ugly, i must separate more the different plans.

Hope you like it.

C&C are always welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for replies and support! :beer:

I have only this challenge to do for now… so i can work on it a lot.
I really want to finish it this time… sad because i could’nt finish the M&S challenge.
But lot of things to do!! :wip:

Thanks for support!! :bounce:


Update looks cool, this time I am sure you will able to compelete it because your progress seems to be more fast this time. You have already done lot of things in your scene:)

Keep up the good work dude:thumbsup:


The car appear strange but very orginal, it’s you goal… just pictures little too small to comment more, but it seem very good…

The scene now… as for the car, pic is little and it’s difficult for me to do some objective crit… but the first thing which disturb, it’s the position of the car… for 2 reasons…

  • we see only the roof, we can’t discover your incredible car design,
  • second point, this angle car give us a flat aspect at this foreground… and close the light…

For the moment, it’s a little difficult to know if the car fall or was catched by the tree… but I think your next update will be certainly more explicite…

In any case… that comes very nice and interesting, I’m very happy you really want to finish this one :thumbsup: Go Simon…


Like the car so far. Very funny one.


Very nice car! :thumbsup:
I agree with Lemog in that the current placement of it sort of locks the scenery - other than that I think you have some really good movement going on in there - very dramatic!
The lighting and mood is also heading in an exiting way - keep this going my friend!


Hey SuperXCM, glad to see you in the challenge again :thumbsup:

Cool concept you had here, i like the camera angle, the car rocks and the entire scene looks promising :slight_smile:

Bonne chance :wink:


Hi, nice to see you in this challenge :). Great work so far. Keep it up.


nice update sup’xcm keep post’


hi the updates are coming out nicely … have to agree with lemog’s comment ! give some space for the viewer to explore!and keep on going im sure ur going to finish this:)
cheers man!


Hi all!
here is an update, change the car position and the camera view.
I don’t know if it’s really better. Must work again with light. And must modelise the ground.


Hi all,

madshooter, authentic, Goul, Borro and Jab’, thanks for support, lot of work to do!! :wip:

Lemog, Gunilla and yunisirees, yeah i thinks you’re right, i must change that, i’ve try something more lighter now, and take my camera back, to see more the ground, that i must modelise now.
But i’m not really sure for now, also i don’t like the light… must work on it, do lot of test. last update it’s just a test, some adjust on toshop, but for sure not yet good…i must work. :banghead:

Here a bigger pictures : http://www.superxcm.com/talk/spectacular/high.jpg

Perhaps it can help. I’ll post details view of the car this night, and some shoot of the second car soon. :arteest:

Thanks for help and support all!! :beer:
Let’s make some good final pictures for this challenge!! :bounce:


hey lombardo!!
SPECTECULAR concept man!!! i also hope our civilization ever gets to this point!! i see you’ve read the mayan calendar. :thumbsup:
your 3d is comming out really nice also!! keep it up! :applause: