Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Hi all and thankz for replies!!! :bounce:

ok, i will try to explain what i want to do… 3rd world war… 98% of the population is dead… all the vegetation is destruct… live is impossible on the surface of the Earth, …an unknow race of alien…put the survivors inside huge underground city (alien or old civilisation).
(one beer, before to go on…:beer::wink: … )
In the Huge center hall (where the last and restored cars are stocked), from the ground a giant tree grown very fast and explose the roof, pushing on his way, cars, and explose circular stairs in the middle of the hall…
Now, i’m modeling the wall of the hall, and the stairs.
I 'll post a “plan” for the explication… i’m sorry for my ugly english and i hope you’ll understand what i want to do… :arteest:

Thankss again for replies!! :bounce:


Ok here is the horrible plan… sorry all made with photoshop, my hand doesn’t want to use any kind of pen, pencil… :wink:



i’ve continue modeling of background… but i hesitate, with the ornement of the arcade, /simple or double/? what do you thinks?


for me simple better!:slight_smile: looks more grander! and btw nice style and idea!keep on going!


Ok update for the modeling, i’ve place the cars (simply box for now),
and change a little the camera view.

for now i’ve chose the “complex” decoration for now, just to test, but thanks yunisirees for your post…i’ll note it, i always hesitate…
The light is not good for now, i thinks that in the final pictures, the light comes from the top… with good shadow in the front, and all light on the tree…must do some test, but after the modeling of the tree.

C&C are always welcome!!


looking good so far. this has promise.

I like the simple design too for the decorations.


That’s some amazing car you have there :beer:
hats off

As for the ornament. I vote for the simple one too. The double one looks too saturated.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… shame on me Simon… I just discovering your thread today…

I’m so happy you’re here too…

Very nice project… a common point with mine, the tower… for the rest, you find a fantastic idea with this tree… (that make me think to a following about my previous challenge with Mother Nature… ahahaha).

Your project is already spectacular… I can imagine the final scenery… and this time… you must finish it, please :thumbsup:

Well Simon, I wish you the best for your very original project, seeya :beer: and like me, don’t forget beer (to be imaginative and for the taste… I add a finger of whisky…:scream: )


Whoa you’re fast! Friggin’ nice modelling you got. Sorry I didn’t read your text, but judging by your drawing i’d say you got something worth watching. Subscribed!



Thanks all for replies!!! :blush:

Ok, i think you’re right… i’ll choose the simple one for decorations…thanks for the help:thumbsup:
And Nemirc…wait a little the real cars are coming!! :arteest:

hehehe Lemog :slight_smile: no problem!! Happy to see u :beer: … yeah your right for the common point … but here is a huge hall, i’ll try to give it a “old-civilisation-alien” style, i think it will be different that the way you take for yours…and for the tree true… it’s like that, i love nature, i love your previous entry and concept (and you know that i’m sure :)), and to say true, i would like to make a “update” of a old wip, the first i’ve posted on cgtalk… with a flower growing inside ruine (here), that i’ve never finished… anyway i’m a fan of your work, you’re like a model for me!! And it’s normal that you influence me… but i think the final way we’ll take will be very different…and i tell you this time i’ll finish!!! :bounce:
And thanks for the idea of whisky! :beer:

But for now i’ve got a problem, with the tree… :cry:
I’ll post the screen, but i explain…i’ve decided to modelise tree with splines (surface technic on max), but i’m novice with this technic, and when i wanted to insert a new part on my tree, the exterior disappear… i’ don’t know how to explain… screen can help… see below.

If anyone got an idea… plz feel free to post!!

So until i’ve find a solution, i’ve beginning cars, i’ll post soon.

Thanks again all for replies!!



here a screen of the probleme that i explain in the last post.


• “Surface technic”…mmm I am afraid I can’t help, i don’t know that technic, is it some kind of loft?, but check if the normals are pointing to the right direction, try converting the object to poly just to check it out, also try to “Cap” the hole… I’ll let you know if something more comes to my mind :banghead:

• By the way, good job so far, i am sure you are gonna find out what’s the problem, nice modeling I like the double arcade, but if you lose detail depending of the camera shot then the simple one will work the best.

See ya!


My vote also goes for the normals thing.
Try rendering using a double-face shader :stuck_out_tongue:


well i used max a long time ago but i still remember this… u have to have quads and tris cant have more then that otherwise the surface dissappears! and i see u have more then four connected splines where two surf joins!

but sometimes the surface dissappears even if its quads or tris in this case adding a spline brings back the surface! hope this is helpful!



Hi all!! Thanks for replies!!

Climax, Surface technic, is when you draw your model only with spline and apply the “surface” modifiers. I’ve checked the normals, but it seems that it was no face, it’s empty and convert it to poly then cap, it’s too hard because it’s not the only part i want to add spline. :banghead:
And for the arcade i note your help, thanks a lot my friend! :slight_smile:
So nemirc, doubleface shaders doesn’t work too :cry: -thanks for the vote :bounce:
And How is Vincent? Want to see update!! :cool:

yunisirees… omg… THANKS! :bowdown:
you’re right… it’s the solution!! three/four connected splines ONLY!
I can go on with my tree. Now i know that it’s more easy.
i’ll post soon a update.

Thanks all for your support and help!!
Beer for all!! :beer:



Great modeling as usual here :thumbsup:

I would have guessed on normals too - I haven’t done much spline modeling… so thanks to Hamid - I’ve learned something useful now… great!

Good choice in going with the more simple ornaments… it will show up more clear I think. The camera angle and the movement in the comp looks really good - we can already feel the force from that tree as it explodes.
I will definitely be back, and not only for the beers :slight_smile: :beer:


I’m totally sure mate, I just said that about “a little common point”, nothing more, you concept is very good you know :thumbsup:

I just see you old project "Aftermath00", very interesting… I understand well you want to give a real good end to this adventure.


Rock Rock Rock XCM:buttrock: Nice background model and of course very good concept I have just strated imagining rhe final scene this will surely rock. Even i won’t be able to help you in surface method of modeling, but I will be there to give serious crit on that tree:twisted: hehe… just kiding dude You have good modeling skills we all know that. Waiting for updates

Keep up the good work dude:thumbsup:


SuperXCM , gunilla u too are most welcome! glad to be of help! need update :D!


My MAX days are fog now so I don’t remember about those problems :shrug:

And Vincent will soon have hands. I am finishing up the torso and arms right now :wip: :banghead: … and also sketching the mermaid :love: