Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


wow dude… nice… another great entries to add to my list of favs!

goodluck man!


hehe of course… this challenges are like drugs… you are easely addicted to it !


Great style in this one, reminds me some great animes, lovely mood.:slight_smile:
Best luck for you man :thumbsup:


Congrats my friend! Very nice image :wink:
Beers for everybody :beer: Drink as much as you want, Lombardo is paying everything :wink:


Versiden, jddog, rept0r and Nemirc thanks a lot for replies !! :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure, hope that the theme of the next one will be cool like this one!! :arteest:

hahaha! :bounce: yeahhh thanks my friend, and of course, drink as much you can!! :beer: Beer for all! :beer:

Thanks again and good luck all!! :buttrock:


Hi Lombardo,

It’s good to meet you. I can’t believe I didn’t see your entry until just now!! It’s really well done. Your focus on the tree and the meaning of rebirth and natural energy is striking!

Take Care and Good Luck!


• I thought i had already congratulated you for your final, I guess it is never late so: :beer:
It is a great image very nice all the details, you can be proud of it!


harryb and Omar, thanks a lot for replies and good luck for vote!!! :beer:


Hey Lombardo! Congrats for the honourable mention - very well deserved :thumbsup:



Hey LOMBARDO! I am truly glad to see u among the best!, Good Job pal!, please receive my sincere CONGRATULATIONS! :applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:


Lombardo , :bounce: congrats man…awesome work , hope to see your work again in a new challenge.c :thumbsup:


Thanks all for help and support!!!

:beer: BEER FOR ALL!!! :beer:


Hey Simon… congratulations for the mention mate… I’m always happy to be with you in these challenge, you’re a good friend and a great artist, really :thumbsup:

seeya then :beer: :wavey:


hey Lombardo, congratulations from this side of the earth!! well done


Thanks Martin and Laurent, congratulations too!!
And thanks for all support and help!! It was a very good challenge, see you in the next one!! :beer:


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