Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Man I love the feeling of the image, the ambience you got in there is great. Not sure about the guy on the tree, when I first look at your picture, I didn´t know what the h… was he doing in there :slight_smile: . Anyway I love your pic, keep it up I´ll be glad to see it finished.


Your work can intrigue more imagination than others.:thumbsup:


Hi all thankz for replies! :slight_smile:

Laurent, Jab’, Gunilla, nemirc, jmturbo and Dbeyond, thanks for replies, i’ve read comment and i’ve decide to remove the Bboy, not really necesseray, and difficult to integrate in the compo. :banghead:

So i’ve finish all the modeling now, and i’m doing the render, trying the final compo tonight, and hope to post at the early morning, a version to have the last comments and crits, i’ll will finish in time!!! :bounce:

Thanks again all for support and crits, it help me a lot!! :beer:


I think it’s a good decision… his presence is too much disturbing… it’s better to really appreciate the beauty and the interest of the other parts :thumbsup:


Looks like a final :thumbsup:

Good luck in the last steps :bounce:


But I liked the Bboy… :hmm: well personal feeling… in any case, wow you last render is simply amazing. I really love how bring out your image, a spectacular scenario… :applause: Now I wait for the final !!!


Hello! Here’s a test for color and mood. All plan are here now, add the new front part of the three and texture for the gril jacket.

C&C are welcome!


Laurent, Nomad, Jddog thanks for replies! :beer:

I remove the Bboy, but i’m happy that you like it too Julien. It was too difficult to integrate him in the compo. :cry:

Anyway i hope you like the last post. Here a link for a HD version :


Tell me which one you prefer and if i must change something! :bounce:



They all look great… difficult, it’s now only a matter of taste. If I have to choose it would be the 3rd or the 1st, but I can’t say why :slight_smile:

This is all coming together really well - congrats, you’re almost there :bounce:


I like the 4th, it`s has a warm atmosphere.

Everything depends of what emotions you want give… the #3 have a dark sad sky. #1 and #2 are more unprecised.

Just my 2cents :smiley: hope it helps.


Here’s the last final versions, i’m “bloking” on 6 different version, tell wihc one you prefer… for me i don’t really now, perhaps the 2 last…

C&C are welcome!:slight_smile:



Gunilla and Nomad, thanks a lot for replies!
I note, and yes for sure is really different atmosphere… i can’t really choice, more i look more i like the last one. Or perhaps the one in the middle left.

Anyway thankz for replies and support!! :beer:

Edit: the link for HD http://www.superxcm.com/talk/spectacular/6finalhd.jpg (580 ko)


I fact i prefer all the version on the right, the other ones are a bit too much saturated…
My favorite is the bottom-right one, warm and cool, but i also like the top-right one, wich looks more cold… Depend of the final feelings than you wanna put in your image… :wink:


very nice final image !:beer: my fav is the bottom left the more contrasted one…don’t know why b…in any c ase each image works…great issue good luck with the vote…!!:arteest:


Top right version:thumbsup: , I like the colour and mood. Actually I’m too late but Finally its your choice Dude.


for what’s worth I like the 2 on the bottom but specially the right bottom. At the end pick what looks best to YOU. :wink:


I vote for the right mid one :drool:


top right for me
really nice picture with a great mood
good luck for the end of the contest:bounce:


Hi mate!
Amazing work, very good atmosphere here:)
For the vote, I prefer the mid right. It is the best equilibrated on colors and temperature.
I think…:shrug:
Keep up dude! It smell the eeeend
Good luck


I missed this one. Looks great. I like the one on the bottom left. I like the warm background and how it’s less saturated in the foreground, except for the jacket. Really nice image. Great mood and I want to know the story when I look at it. Draws the viewer in.