Spectacular 3D Entry: LOMBARDO Simone


Ben oui… il est où le garçon ? Simon ? allo ? :bounce:


:bounce: :bounce: I’m waiting:)


Hi all, sorry for late, here’s the new update! Working a lot… other post coming… to explain! :slight_smile:


Here’s a shoot of details…


Hi all! Thankz for replies!! :bounce:

Sorry for late, but this character make me crazy :banghead: …
So i close myself in my room, eating some bad food, drinking some beers and some other stuff from holland:rolleyes: , reading all tutorial i can found, looking at reference, working and sleeping a little when i can… and then, here is my first character, a girl… no name for now, 'cause no feet, no hair and not really a face:D … i hope you like it… :arteest: …

I’ll post soon a wire.

Thankz Roshan, Sergio, Jab’ and Laurent for support! :beer:
Sorry for late!

So the last update, some stuff add, the background is always the same for now, not time to do render yet. Not all the texture, or some duplicate whitout coordinates for foreground.

The time is running, i must do now :

-The hair, texture and some stuff for the girl.
-The other character (yes another one, i’ll change a little the concept, pushing it more far, i’ll post soon the new concept.)
-Adjust the ground and the car texture.
-Add some part of the tree in foreground, also around the car.
-Do all plan render.
-Composite all on 'thoshop.

Hope idon’t forget something.

12 days left… i can do it! :wip:

So c&C are welcome.

Good luck all for challenge! :beer:


Here’s a wire shoot oof the girl, my first human character,… :d


Your first character! :eek:

She looks really, really good - just as I expected! Is that NURBS? What’s that on her leg?
Great work - I love this scene … and of course you’re gonna make it in time - we all be cheering for you, now Go :wip::arteest:


Whaouw… you can be proud of you my friend… your first char appear already very good… and better… post more now… and larger… and in shading mode… and with textures… hahahah… fantastic Simon… I’m so curious now… let’s go mate :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Your first character is awesome:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Yeah you can do it just keep going Go go go…:bounce: :bounce:


• Amazing, The scene and character is comming along very nicely, Your first human figure rocks! :wip: nice job, Lombardo, Hurry up you have only detais to polish and you’ll be done! :wink:


Great render, looks really promising and realistic hehe… I like the character, fit well in the scene…With some hairs, i think it will looks really cool !

Keep it up :beer:


I know is the pose but consider changing her left hand a bit. Rightnow it seems like she doesn’t have a left hand at all.


Hey nice character and posing! I’ve been very busy with university these last days but I am back! Deadline almost upon us. Good luck man :beer:


Hi! Here’s an new update, ok i’ve made the hair for the gril and add a second character, he’s a B.Boy, making a “pose” of breakdancing on a part of the tree, survivants doing some “extreme dance”. Some part add and adjust on the other plans i’ve made render and try to get a mood, and an “ambiance” but it’s hard, not really sure about this second character, perhaps put him more far, or near the camera. Must do the hair for him and the textures of the girl’s jacket. C&C are welcome!:wink:


Here’s a shoot of details…


Hi all thankz for replies! :bounce:

Gunilla–>Thankz my friend! It’s poly modeling, and on the leg, which leg? On the left is “apperture” jsut for styling, and on the right is a helmet of break dance, to turn on the head! :arteest: i must place it in an other position to see it better.

Lemog–>Thankz for support Laurent! I’m proud but i don’t like it enough to make some other shoot… omg her face is so…hum… “polygonal” :smiley: … but i’ll try to post more soon. :slight_smile:

madshooter–>Thankz My friend!! :beer:

Climax–>I’ll finish it! I’m working all of time on it! Thanks for support! :buttrock:

Goul–> Thanks! Yes, and i put some hair, not really sure for now, “qu’est-ce que t’en penses?” :wip:

SNoWs–>you’re totally right! I’ve change a little, but i thinks i’ll change again. Thanks for help.

nemirc–>Thankz for support my friend, welcome back!! Good luck too!

Thankz again all for support and good luck for this challenge!! :beer:


About the second character, I’m sure too… before read your text… I don’t understant that’s a guy… and again less a breakdancer… :blush: Maybe this guy is not very useful in your scene… in your story ? in image, we can’t heard the music…

For the rest… it’s okay for me, I love the mood, and the global composition… it’s really spectacular… maybe you can again play with lighting… to have something a bit less flat… just in compositing of course…

the way is good my friend… just continue and give us the Final Masterpiece… :thumbsup: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


yeahh! nice update …i don’t know why but the background(sky) looks too shiny… anyway this image is comin’ very impressive!cheers!!:thumbsup:


Updates! Yes!
Her hair looks excellent and yes, it was the “apperture” I was asking about. It’s cool!
I’m a bit with Lemog for the second guy - not really sure, he somehow draws the attention from the tree and the scenery - which really is the most important parts here, right?
The mood and the lighting is wonderful though, this will be a stunning image :thumbsup:


Personally I can barely make out the guy :blush: