Spectacular 3D Entry: Lauro Müller


Now this will be spectacular, great idea. :buttrock:


Sheeiiiit - that black car looks badass! Ive never seen one of those big, kick arse american sedans modeled before, and youve pulled it off superbly. I liked your idea a lot to start with, and your latest change in direction looks great too, just be careful you dont make it too cheesy or anything.

Best o’ luck!

Love your avatar by the way - so simple and abstract, yet obviously a pirate!


Hi. nice work. and realy cinematic.good luck man :thumbsup:


fantastic car … guess u must hate car modeling too man!:smiley:
the new idea is promising and like the angle in the concept sketch looks great


Car is rocking dude:buttrock: No crits:) The new concept looks promising to me, waiting to see the next step, All the best dude:thumbsup:


Hi Lauro, nice concept and original. You already have idea of the monster? I’ll be waiting to see him. Good luck :thumbsup:


Hello all!

Banzato - Thnx man!:thumbsup:

Andy - Hey, i’m a fan of your works! i glad you like my job!
thnx for all and I hope you continues looking for here:)
and as for the avatar, fortunately you said that is a pirate… all confuse with a robot or something… ehawuehuhawa thnx again!

ali_rahimi_3d - Thank you!

yunisirees - thnx a loto man! i glad you like!
ps: i hate modeling cars… :wip: (only a joke, cars and inorganic are my favorite ones :slight_smile: )

madshooter - Tank you a lot! thnx by your atention in my work!

denverbz - Hello man! Yes, I already have a idea of the monster in my mind… he will be something as the one that I did in the sketch, a monster with big tentacles…
thnx by attention!


Just a small coloring and composition test…



Lookin good. Im getting a half life 2 vibe about it. Must be the lighting and the tentacles!
Be careful with the car positioning - you dont want it to look like the motorists are just driving to their doom - you cant miss a monster like that on the horizon!
Are they on a bridge or a motorway? The road kinda looks suspended in space.
Maybe have the cars going in the opposite direction, escaping from it? Maybe have some people abandoning their car and are running away?


Really you are right…
the position of the black car and of the green car it is incorrect… seems that they are going in direction of the own death…:surprised
Maybe I make the black car brake abruptly and the green car turning around…
As the people escaping… it is a good idea!
it can be that I do yes.
And the place, probably be a bridge… but i can change this, i realy dont know yet…
thank you very much for the observations :thumbsup:

Cheers :beer:


I have to make a Ford Taurus… I have never modeled a car; I hope it turns out as good as these. Very nice work. I’m looking forward to what you come up for the rest of the image.

What are you doing for the background?


Hello all!
I finished the modelling of one more car…
I am posting some wires and one render of Land Rover LR3, the next cars will be much less detailed because they will be far away from the camera
I am already thinking about a new composition for the monster, soon I go put him here.


… render


You are a car genius dude, awesome:thumbsup:


You really made some crazy stuff on the cars !
I like them !
Next please ! :bounce:


Hi Lauro. Wow, good work dude, your scene will be really spectacular.:thumbsup:


amazin model anrenderig


Holy heck. That’s unbelievable stuff. Well done!


That’s a great looking landrover!

Now I wanna see monsteeeeeeeeeeers!



woow mann niiice !!

i wanna c the monster too ! =D

dont give it up man… c ya !