Spectacular 3D Entry: Lauro Müller


Muito bom o render… ta usando Vray? se estiver vai usar na cena final?


nice modeling on the car! ur going to model all those cars in your scene like this (detail/quality)? can’t wait, any idea how many cars there be in the scene? :slight_smile:


Yes ! Beautiful render !
Your modeling skills are amazing too !
Great job ! :thumbsup: :bounce: :applause:


with this models and render, this will be a top entry, for sure… :scream: :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s a great looking car render :applause:

I’m sure this will be one hell of an entry if you keep it up like this all the way. Go go go!


hey great model. thats a 3d model? wow is it is, i great,:eek: i like a lot the textures.


Looks nice

Good luck;)


hi Lauro, the car was very good.


If you could please screw something up so I can crit it that would be great :rolleyes:

Great stuff :buttrock:


brazucas in the area !!!
ehehehe its man work this being very crazy in!!
congratulations brother!!
and it forces!
bye bye!!:bounce:



Parabems, ta muito legal seu render! mostra mais… eu gostaria muito de saber fazer isso tambem…!

yeah, that scketch looks really spectacular, and with that quality of render it must become a great image… congrats againg…



what a fabulous render!! muito legal man!! é isso ae!


Hey Lauro,

You are making good progress , the truck and car look excellent. Look forward to your other cars. Good luck the rest of the way.


Your Ford model looks perfect

I like it:thumbsup:


Subscribed and watching :applause:


• Damn! it looks like a photo! great job, the modeling looks perfect! :thumbsup:


Wow, that’s a render of a car (your last update). Very cool.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I got now crits for now, but I can sujest you a literatural illustration for your consept:

Woman calls her husband who is driving a car and tell’s him:
“Darling, the radio just said that some crazy idiot is driving a wrong side of the road”
Husbad replyes:
“Honey, you won’t believe, there hundreds of these idiots here…”

Sorry for bad english, hope you’ll udrestand what I mean.


Very nice ! Keeping going :thumbsup:


maan,This car is beautiful! really realistic and cool,just great! keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


Holy god!
How many replies! I’m very happy that you are looking!

Rafa - Thnx Brother!

denverbs - thnx! you can driveit when you want… hehe

authentic - thanx man! with that new idea I think won’t need to destroy him! \o/

Sonic-x - Thnx a lot dude! i’m waching your work too.

funkyboss - thnx man! i glad you like!

SNoWs - Thnx man!

suk-grigorij - Man, awehuahweuhawu, very cool idea! but I think he is that it
will be the only idiot!!
And as for English, dont worry, mine is also horrible! thanx by tour attention!

MadnesS - Valeu cara! estou usando o vray sim, provavelmente vou usa-lo
também na cena final…

Junpei - Thnx dude! now with my new idea, I think so!
as the amount of cars was very reduced, I think won’t have problem.

gpepper -Thanx a lot man! i glad you like!

mac_andre - tank you a lot! i glad you like!

JamesMK - Thnx Dude! i very glad you like! i’m waching you work too!

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Weel this is my new idea…
A great sea monster that leaves the water and it crosses a bridge causing a lot of damage! hehe
I decided to change of idea because it thought the tunnel was bad, I think it was lacking some creativity
that is just a small skech
I need their opinions