Spectacular 3D Entry: Lauro Müller


Truck looks good, particularly the blue parts of the texture are very convincing.


monks - Yeah man! this is a good aidea! i will think about it
thnx by your observation! :thumbsup:

funkyboss - i think i’m not make more changes in the tunnel…
anyway, thnx by your attention:thumbsup:

Ramtin_moom - I put some more datails, i hope u like:thumbsup:
thnx by your attention :thumbsup:


good stuff i see here! a very interesting concept! btw the sketch looks cool!


wow man… great low… be carefull with the number of the polys…

best luck… keep it up ! c ya :wink:


Nice, very nice!! go go go!


Now I have fun cuz of looking to this progress . keep it up and far .


Good luck for you man, i’m watching.


this truck is lookin really cool,except the wheels! keep it up,man…nice job on the texturing!:thumbsup:


hi lauro

the tunnel looks great and so the truck… very nice begin… but please finish this scene!! :smiley: hehehe

i’m curious with the folds in texture… how do you did that?

vou ficar de olho… (i will keep an eye on your thread…)

abração véio


Hello all!
I finished the Crown Victoria’s modeling and I’m beginning other vehicle, a Land Rover RL3. As soon as possible i post new updatings.
I hope u like, c ya


Front and…


… back side view


Hi guys!
I’m very happy that you are accompanyng! thnx a lot!

Todesco - I promise that this time i will try to complete the scene! hehee
The textures were made in photoshop, using digital painting and combinations of real pictures… very easy to do:thumbsup:


wow man … veryyy good model… keep it up man… finish this one… i know u can hehe…

c ya man !!.. :wink:


Wow Lauro, Beatifull car. I wanna drive it man. Congratulations. :bounce:


Nice car. It’s a pity you have to crash it. :scream:


Some really sweet modelling and texturing there.Your concept is going to work great and I can see your final is going to be pure eye candy.

Good luck.


waw nice model !
can t wait to see the others!!!:applause:
Promising promising…
keep the good work dude!


Your cars are looking really good. Good luck!


Hell of the render! (I mean car). Nice story consept too.

Good luck.