Spectacular 3D Entry: Lauro Müller


Make sure to add some drainage grates in the tunnel along the sides of the road. Its coming along nicely. I like the detail of the telephone. Maybe add a pipe from the telephone and the light? Many tunnels won’t have the wiring into the walls but rather contained in a pipe that runs to the ceiling and then through the wall. Just an idea. Keep up the great work!


My thoughts exactly.


Very nice Lauro! :thumbsup: , good to see you !

Good Luck !


This is great. You doing a good job so far.
I think the tunnel could be a little taller so you could make the explosion bigger and some cars flying higher, more like your initial concept. But this is just my vision, however you do it, it’s your call.
Keep up the good job.


hey great concept, what a crash you have. good start man:thumbsup:


I passed for giving an incentive. I am always reading the topic, congratulations for the concept!!


Thnx a lot you guys! I’m glad you liked
The model of the tunnel has been finished, i put some new details, for exemple the drainage grates along the sides of the road (Thnx By the observation Nichod!) some news pipes an lights, bla bla bla…
i’m start the modeling of the truck too. I am making him in low poly because it’s far from camera view and also becouse the number of polys will be very high.
I hope u like and best luck for all


Update of the truck…


wow man… amazing… i love the tunel… hope c more soon… :slight_smile:

c ya !


its a good job growing in here, keep going !


great Lauro! your models it’s very nice!


The tunnel looks good, the truck looks good - and the concept is very promising… this could be spectacular.


good idea for the tunnel ! We understand that people are prisoners of the explosion…perhaps you can make one or two people opening their doors’s car looking at the explosion ?

good luck ! :thumbsup:


Ver nice start

keep going


Looking very good at this early stage, love that tunnel!!


Nice start dude:)
It will be impressive am sure!
The truck model is good and so the tunnel.
What about some pillars in the tunnel, vertical(on each sides) and horizontal, with some exploding at the same time the explosion progress? Just an idea;)
Keep going Good work



That`s ok and I like it , but dont U think about any more detailes ?


another coool concept,keep going ,i like the atmosphere…


Thank u guys! Im glad u liked!

I finished the truck textures and now i will start the fisrt car modeling, a crown victoria taxi.
I hope u like, c ya


… and the truck with him textures