Spectacular 3D Entry: Lauro Müller


I have to make a Ford Taurus… I have never modeled a car; I hope it turns out as good as these. Very nice work. I’m looking forward to what you come up for the rest of the image.

What are you doing for the background?


Hello all!
I finished the modelling of one more car…
I am posting some wires and one render of Land Rover LR3, the next cars will be much less detailed because they will be far away from the camera
I am already thinking about a new composition for the monster, soon I go put him here.


… render


You are a car genius dude, awesome:thumbsup:


You really made some crazy stuff on the cars !
I like them !
Next please ! :bounce:


Hi Lauro. Wow, good work dude, your scene will be really spectacular.:thumbsup:


amazin model anrenderig


Holy heck. That’s unbelievable stuff. Well done!


That’s a great looking landrover!

Now I wanna see monsteeeeeeeeeeers!



woow mann niiice !!

i wanna c the monster too ! =D

dont give it up man… c ya !


Nice work with cars and love the attention to details, the render and motion blur in the last one adds lots of action to this one.Superb:thumbsup:


That is a beautiful car model dude.Great stuff.


madshooter - Hey man! thnx a lot! i’m glad you like

gpepper - Thanx a lot man

denverbz - Hi Alan, i glad you like man! thnx

melkao - thnx man!

AmazingC - Thanx a lot dude !

JamesMK - Hi James, soon i will provide some monsters, hehe. Thnx a lot man!

gra7 - Yeah man! thnx a lot! the monster is arriving!

Mr Micro26 - I glad you like! thank you

SONIC-X - Thank you man!

Well guys…
as i said before, i will change the scene composition again. The ideia will be the same, but the place, i think will do in a street… after a search for references found a very cool place
tell me what you find :bounce: :thumbsup:


And the new composition


nice going on the composition …looks good to me!:thumbsup: and the land-rover rockx!
cheers mate!


Hi Lauro-MX,

you have some great stuff here, amazing car modeling and rendering:thumbsup: . And you are going to make a sea monster!!!:bounce: If I need some inspiration I now know where to look:) . And I really like your new environment concept!



Hi Lauro. This Place is Porto Alegre/RS?? hehehe. Is very similar. :smiley:

I like your work. Sucess!


Fala lauro, vai em portuga memo! Essa Land Rover está com uma qualidade animalesca, tanto na modelagem, shading e render, tudo muito limpo! Vc está usando Vray? se for::buttrock: haha

Parabéns e abraços


Very nice! I prefer the new image a lot more now. I was kinda sceptical about the bridge (partly because jamesMK’s entry involved a bridge and some chaos!) and it seems a bit of a cheap way out of making all the detail in the background.
If you make this look like the reference images, it will kick arse. Were not used to seeing monsters laying waste to average european cities rather than the usual sprawling metropolis like L.A. or NY.

Keep up the good work. Nice job on the land rover, though im not too keen on that bright blue colour.


very good modeling,I like your Land rover and the idea is seem very spectacular keep going.:thumbsup:


Hahaaa!! =P
More brazilian guys
It’s very cool so far!
Good luck my friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Vou acompanhar seu entry =]