Spectacular 3D Entry: Lauro Müller


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Latest Update: Rendering: Land Rover Render


The first skech…
Basically the scene will be an explosion in a road tunnel. I will try make the scene most dramatical and aggressive possible.
I wait crtcs
c ya


Impressive - are you going to comp in real explosions or simulate them with a 3D package?


This will be fairly sweet if you pull it off well! Good luck with the comp!


Hey man… niiiiice idea :slight_smile:

dont give it up !

best luck… c ya !


Muiiitooooooooo massa !

Verryyy good work !

good luck


Kick ass, I can just see this looking like a still from a move! Can’t wait to see it finished.


Awesome concept, lots of car models to make though.Cool:thumbsup:


Good, i will be your work…:thumbsup:


e aí lauro! boa sorte pra vc tb!



hi Lauro,
great idea, the concept is very nice, good look:thumbsup:


Hi Lauro,
Nice sketch. I hope to see more. :thumbsup:


Hey, thank u guys! thnx for the replies!

Magnemar - Maybe i use one 3d plugin… I don’t know yet…

Just a small update of the tunel…
c ya


Reminds me of a scene from Independence day. A great start on the tunnel. It is a bit different from your concept. The concept shows the tunnel as being more round. Not a big deal, just checking to see if you noted this.


hey man… nice start… waiting to c more ups… :wink:

c ya ! best luck !


Good start. Keep the updates comin!


thnx Guys!

Nichod - Yes, i got some inspiration on this movie… A will make the tunnel squared, i thinks is better… Thnx by the observation.

Rafa - é nois veio! valeu!

Another one uptade of the tunnel. I put some new details. hope u like.
c ya


Oh man , IT`s a nice lighting for sketch without using any Global illumination .


hey man really nice modeling… keep it up… c ya !


hi Lauro, nice modeling, keep going…