Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


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hiya mate!! wellcome to the challenge!!:slight_smile:

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Good luck :slight_smile:

Vivement qu’on voit une première image …


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Thanks my friend… I hope to have a first image tomorrow… :argh:
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Thanks Alexander… I will try :cool:

Well now… We must be serious a little… (and that wil be hard :twisted: )

…the challenge must start.

For the moment, only 2 ideas held my attention, because I really don’t have much time actually.

[size=3]First concept: “Young Hooligan”.

In a middle-class Parisian street, a young boy, whom we guesses clever inventor, halfway overlaps in a spectacular way a machine between a surfing board or a pod racer…
he frightens a quite wise population, the horses of the harnessed cars, and irritates a police officer who blows with force in his whistle…

Second concept:Plunged in the culture”.

The history occurs in what we supposes being a keep used like a library.
Thousands of books are laid out around, on many stages. We sees many balconies and many staircases.
A young man (or a girl) is here, avid there of knowledge and culture. His arms are charged with a lot of books.
An important book and very coveted, seems to be extracted violently from the opposed library, above the hole.
The young man springs to catch this important book, in a spectacular jump “to the culture and knowledge”, but which will involve it in the hole, and to his death.


French Version :
Pour le moment, seulement 2 idées ont retenu mon attention, car je n’ai vraiment pas beaucoup de temps.

[size=3]Premier concept :Jeune Voyou”.

Dans une rue parisienne bourgeoise, un jeune garçon, que l’on devine ingénieux inventeur, chevauche de manière spectaculaire un engin à mi-chemin entre une planche de surf et un pod racer…
il effraye une population bien sage, les chevaux des voitures attelées, et énerve un policier qui souffle avec force dans son sifflet…

Second concept :Plongée dans la culture”.

L’histoire se passe dans ce que l’on suppose être un donjon utilisé comme une bibliothèque. Des milliers de livres sont disposés tout autour, sur de nombreux étages.
On aperçoit de nombreux balcons et de nombreux escaliers.
Un jeune homme (ou une jeune fille) est là, avide de connaissance et de culture.
Ses bras sont chargés de livres.
Un ouvrage important et très convoité, semble s’extraire violemment de la bibliothèque opposée, au-dessus du vide.
Le jeune homme s’élance donc pour attraper ce livre important, en un bond spectaculaire “vers la culture et la connaissance”, mais qui l’entraînera dans le vide, et vers la mort.

I hope that one of these 2 ideas agree you… For the moment, I don’t take any decision… and as I don’t have a lot of time, and I don’t want to lose lot of time too… I will to take the decision today… to have soon a first concept sketch…

Thanks to all to give me your advices about these 2 stories.


Le deuxième sujet est intéressant et bien dans ton style :slight_smile:

Mais je pense que le premier aura plus la faveur du public … Donc à toi de voir ce qui te fait le plus plaisir :wink:


ah, some actual work being done, Laurent - impressive!

I kind of like le premier concept “Jeune Voyou” - particularly with a french pod racer (wouldn’t that be a “poudde raceur”?) :smiley:

Anyways, both cool ideas, but I guess the first one has a better chance of stimulating the ‘wow’ muscles - oh, and thanks for the french lesson too!



Les deux sont de très bonnes idées
Je pense que la seconde fais plus penser à une compo “à la francaise” avec plus de signification dans l’image etc…

Mais la premiere fera je pense plus dans le spécatulaire avec l’expression ébahie des passants…

Moi je voterais pour la premiere que je trouve plus appropriée au sujet, bien que la seconde puisse faire une tres belle compo…


YOUNG HOOLIGAN…is my favourite so far…:bounce:



I don’t know…
The first is in the subject but maybe it should be very technical to do…
The second is not very in the topic and not easy to understand…


Hi Laurent,

Nice to see you here…again! CGTalk is drug, there is no chance to escape :buttrock:
So let we do our “job”. Best luck my friend, my eyes are sticked here…


i like the idea of the one with the guy jumping for the book…not sure why…just sounds good to me…lol…good luck and glad to see you here


I think to have the same pleasure in the 2 version… the second give certainly a picture more “brainy”… but without explanation… not easy to give the real message.

Thanks for your always very interesting advice James… the wabbit say “the first”… I must congrats your for your incredible accent :scream:

Merci gars… la seconde aurait certainement plus de magie que de spectaculaire, même si les 2 sujets peuvent se rejoindre… merci pour ton avis.

Hehe… maybe he’s called dimi ? :scream:

Exactly… you’re right… the second one is to intellectual for me… :smiley: hahahaha

Better friends are always here… very good Mark… I’m happy… Thanks :buttrock:

Thanks for your advice Paul… :beer:

Well, for the moment… the first project seems to be that which you all prefer… :bounce: Thanks to you all :wavey:


Well, for the moment… the first project seems to be that which you all prefer… :bounce:

Well… :slight_smile:

I like both concepts - the first seems a bit more lighthearted and also perhaps more dramatic. You can make a lot with this scene. But … to me the second one is the favourite for two reasons. The described mood is perhaps a bit more intriguing and also not so easy to grasp at first - definitely more “lemogish” :slight_smile:
Second reason - it seems like a very unique take on the topic for the challenge from what I’ve seen so far.

But again, you’re the master of your visions and I’m sure whatever you choose will be fine.


Oh - and I forgot to say - really cool new avatar :thumbsup:


You’ve marked a point, it’s true that the second history is in fact that which I had imagined in first. It’s more conceptual, and has a true step. I leave myself until tomorrow morning to make a decision, or to find a new way, a new subject.
I knew that you will prefer this one. But the message will be more difficult to give. The error will not forgive, if the message does’not pass, the image will be bad and the goal will not be reached.
But I can reasuure you about the first concept… the graphic treatment will be very “lemogish” :scream:
Thank you for your always good and intelligent vision. :bowdown:


Hey great ideas mister :thumbsup:

Personnaly i prefer the second subject… i think it could be a great interpretation of the challenge. Not very easy to make it quickly understandable but really really interesting… a another “french picture” :love:

As the others said u will “touch” more people with the first one, but the goal is to have pleasure making the picture… so do what u think will be better, i gave u my opinion i hope it will help u…

So good luck for the challenge, i hope to see next step soon…:bounce:


such a talented artist and you haven’t yet presented us with any
visual concepts… tsk, tsk :stuck_out_tongue:

yea the first concept seemed pretty cool…